• EQ test microphone
    Tonewinenr ETM-2 EQ test microphone
    Etm-2 audio test microphone is specially used for sound field sound effect automatic test microphone, with hd decoding power amplifier and DSP sound field processing equipment and other sound field automatic test function, can quickly and very good automatic completion of each sound channel intelligent room acoustic characteristics scan function; Enabling smart Room acoustic feature scan allows you to select and set the best surround sound volume of each channel. It can pick and analyze the acoustic characteristics of the environment and automatically determine the number of connected speakers, their size for bass management, the optimal inflection frequency of the heavy woofer and the distance to the main listening position. Then, the distortion caused by indoor noise is eliminated by capturing the problems of both frequency and time threshold of indoor noise in the listening area. So that everyone can hear clear, normal sounds.

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