2.0 high power amplifier stereo
2.0 high power amplifier stereo

ToneWinner wholesale 2 ch stereo Hi-Fi combined amplifier

AD-99D is a special Class A Hi-Fi integrated amplifier which supports 128G USB disk, TF card and lossless audio formats including WAV, FLAC, APE, etc. It also supports treble-bass independent adjustment, subwoofer output and original App control. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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  • Power

    180W,8ohm,THD=1%,1KHz,direct mode)
  • G.W.

  • THD



Special Class A Hi-Fi Amplifier

Generation Development

The 1st generation sold well at home and broad, and the 2nd generation was customized for overseas market, both of which have been popular for more than ten years. Now the 3rd cost-effective generation AD-99D is hitting the market, with durable materials, elegant outer design and professional circuits to offer richer sound. 

Special Class A Circuit

The special Class A circuit is our patented design which reveals the sound quality of Class A, but meanwhile ensures high efficiency as Class AB. 

Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

Lossless Connection

It support 128G USB disk & TF card and support APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA formats.

15-meter Bluetooth Transmission

It supports high-speed, low distortion, energy consumption and latency Bluetooth connection with easy connectivity and auto re-connectivity. Switch any music apps and platforms you want.

Original App Control

PC USB-Audio

It supports USB-Audio port for PC with PCM192kHz/24Bit sample rate to achieve real

PC Hi-Fi sound effect and meet the need of audiophiles.

HDMI ARC for Better Transmission

It supports HDMI ARC to connect to TV for richer sound.

Subwoofer Connection

The SW-OUT subwoofer output jack

enables a 2.1 speaker layout to bring

wider range and richer sound.

Treble-bass Adjustment

It supports treble-bass independent adjustment so that you can personally adjust the parameter via App or remote control to enjoy more pleasing sound.

One-step Integrated Amplifier & Amplifier Switch

The PRE OUT jacks and AMP IN jacks are connected by a short circuit ring to make signals of this machine and make it an integrated amplifier. Detach the short circuit ring and you will get an independent amplifier, so input signals can go through the “AMP IN” terminal. 

Trigger In/Out

It supports 5V trigger in & out for easy connection and smart synchronization.

Multiple Input Sources

Fast connection: USB Disk, TF Card & Bluetooth.

Digital inputs: USB-Audio, HDMI ARC, 3 coaxial inputs & 1 optical inputs.

Analog ports: 3 L/R ports & 1 AMP IN port.

Output ports: 1 PRE OUT, 1 SW OUT & 2 Speaker outs.

Multi-chamber Layout

The areas of power supply, input, power storage, and left & right amplifying channel are separated into chambers, so as to reduce the interference of free electromagnetic wave.

High Power Transformer

550VA high power transformer works as the power source and gives high power

support to drive the whole machine.

High Capacitance

A total of 8 customized capacitors bring up to 69,400μF capacitance to store more electrical energy and ensure powerful support.

AD-1955 DAC Decoding Chip

It supports 24-Bits, up to 192 kHz sample rate PCM audio data and about 120 dB SNR/DNR (not muted) at 48KHz sample rate (A-Weighted) with dependent digital filter and D/A converter. The flexible serial data input port allows for glueless interconnection to a variety of devices and also reduces mistakes during decoding.

Hi-Fi Transistor

It adopts perfectly-matched transistors to better control or regulate the flow

of electronic signals as a result of high fidelity sound.







≥100dB(A weight)
Rated impedance
Frequency response
Input impedance
Power supply
110-115V~/60Hz 220-230V~/50Hz
Power consumption
Output power /per channel
180W(8Ω,THD=1%,1kHz,direct mode)
Package Size



Overview of AD-99D Class A Hi-Fi Integrated Amplifier

Internal Design

1. 550VA transformer to give 180W/8Ω strong power output.

2. 69,400μF high capacitance to give strong driving.

3. AD-1955 DAC decoding chip to support 192kHz/24bit sample rate and 120dB SNR.

4. Independent chamber to lower interference.

5. High quality transistor to bring high fidelity sound.


Main Features

1. Support PC USB-Audio, HDMI ARC, 3 way coaxial inputs, 1 way optical input, 3 way analog inputs and 1 way subwoofer output.

2. Support 128G USB disk & TF card and support APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA formats.

3. Support wireless Bluetooth with high speed and low latency.

4. Support HDMI ARC to connect to TV for rich sound.

5. Support original App control.

6. Support subwoofer output for 2.1 speaker layout.

7. Support treble and bass independent adjustment.

8. Support integrated amplifier and amplifier one-click switch.

9. Support trigger in/out for easy connection and smart synchronization.



Application: living room, demo room, display room, etc.

Accessory: user manual, certificate of qualification, remote control and power lead.

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