power amplifier subwoofer
power amplifier subwoofer
power amplifier subwoofer

Tonewinner best sale 2ch Hi-Fi stereo audio amplifier

The AD-66D is based on the AD-66Pro with a high quality audio decoder. Support TF card, U disk and other high-quality music local playback, support mobile APP control, simple and convenient operation; Built-in professional high-quality audio decoding chip, it is a hi-Fi power amplifier with high fidelity and low distortion, with excellent musical performance. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.


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AD-66D Class A Hi-Fi

Integrated Amplifier

Original Smartphone App

Enjoy your acoustic sources. Remote, also relaxing

More Wireless Joy

Wireless connection, wireless freedom

Can be connected to devices including

mobile phones, PC, laptops and iPads

Support 128G USB disk and TF card for lossless sound

Uncompromising Listening

It handles audio formats including


Lossless sound, uncompromising relax.

Meet your Timber Pursue

It supports treble and bass adjustment via App or remote control to meet your pursue of various timber.

Support HDMI ARC for better sound

Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

2.1 Channel

With the subwoofer output port, 2.1 channel can bring stunning and richer sound.

One-step Integrated Amplifier & Amplifier Switch

Detach the short-circuit ring between PRE OUT port and AMP IN port in the rear panel, and this integrated amplifier will work as an post-amplifier which can be connected to most pre-amplifiers.

AD-1955 DAC Decoding Chip

It supports 24-Bits, up to 192 kHz sample rate PCM

audio data and about 120 dB SNR/DNR (not muted)

at 48KHz sample rate (A-Weight) with dependent digital

filter and D/A converter. The flexible serial data input

port allows for glueless interconnection to a

variety of devices and also reduces mistakes during decoding.

Hi-power Hi-Fi Transistor

Imported Hi-Fi Transistors from Japan with

good performance will bring better sound.

Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

High Quality Volume Chip

The NJW1194 electronic volume with 4-in 1-out stereo

audio selector and Tone Control performs low

noise and low distortion characteristics with resistance

ladder circuit. 0.5dB step for more precise adjustment. 

Quality Toroidal Transformer

The ring transformer offers high power

and improves the frequency response

High Capacitance Capacitor

A total of 15,000µF capacitance for powerful driving

ELNA Coupling Capacitor

The coupling capacitor from ELNA RDB series transmits

signal in a more reliable way to offer purer sound

Special Class A Circuit

Input: differential common-emitter, common-base voltage input.

Output: Special Class A biasing to provide very low distortion; separate power supply to voltage and current and high voltage power supply for voltage amplifying part.    






SNR: ≥95dB (A-weighted)

Frequency range: 20Hz-80KHz (+1/-3 dB) 

THD: ≤0.025% (1KHz,normal work) 

Output power: 85W*2 Rms/8Ω (THD=1%, 1KHz)

Rated impedance: 8 ohm

Gain: 38dB±1dB


Maximum voltage gain:  >40dB

N.W: 10.6kg, G.W: 12.3kg

Power supply voltage: ~220V(50Hz)

Overall size:  444x88(107)x401(436)mm (WxHxD)

Unit power consumption: 380W/8Ω, 500W/4Ω


≥95dB(A weight)
Rated impedance
Frequency response
Power consumption
Output power /per channel
Package Size


AD-66D is the low price high performance Hi-Fi stereo integrated amplifier use digital power amplifier circuit, and it support bluetooth, USB, TF card, smart phone APP control. This 2.1 amplifier system also with HDMI ARC, you can connect it with a variety of input source, such as TV, blu-ray player, projector and so on.


Features of Circuit and material design


1. External Design

The panel of AD-66D is designed as black and white with aluminum alloy drawing technique. There is a smooth V-shaped groove on the middle of the panel, which is decorated with dull polish technique to add more sleek feature. The center is a dark black VFD display screen that glows faint blue when it is turned on. The power button on the left and the volume knob on the right are processed into bright look, which are very eye-catching. The whole machine is small but exquisite.

There is a digital USB disk interface on the bottom right of the front panel, and a Bluetooth antenna on the rear panel, which indicates that this is a HI-FI amplifier capable of decoding and transmitting digital signals.


2. Internal Design

The main frame of the circuit is a differential amplifying circuit and a special Class A amplifying circuit whose operating point can change with the input signal. The special Class A amplifying circuit ensures a larger Class A power and ample Class A & B power output, at the same time eliminate the switching crossover distortion of the Class B and avoids the over heat dissipation of the Class A.

The input part is a typical single-ended input, double-ended output differential amplifying circuit. This circuit has low input noise and can greatly improve the voltage gain. The second part is the common-base circuit which increases the voltage gain and improve frequency, to make sure the stability of wide dynamic range, strong driving force and low harmonic distortion.

The whole machine adopts two pairs of TTA1943/TTC5200 150W high power transistors form Toshiba company to achieve 80W/8 ohms or 135W/4 ohms output per channel.

The high-quality capacitors are ELNA RBD series capacitors and custom-made electrolytic capacitors which handles up to 15,000 µF capacitance. These customized electrolytic capacitors have advantages of low current leakage and high resistance to transient voltage and temperature rise.

The volume control chip is NJW1194 chip, which performs low noise and low distortion characteristics with resistance ladder circuit. The output noise is as low as -117dBVtyp and the channel separation is as high as -120dBtyp. It provides accurate treble and bass adjustment with 0.5dB step.

The 4.2 version Bluetooth module including the ATS2825 chip is installed, with the built-in DSP processor to support a variety of audio formats processing. The large-capacity RAM can meet the needs of different Bluetooth solutions. The Bluetooth can maintain connected when an external TF card or USB disk is inserted.


3. Main Function

  • Input: 1 way USB-Audio, 1 way optical, 3 way coaxial, 3 way analog.
  • Support 128G TF card and USB disk, support audio formats WAV, FLAC, AFE, etc.       
  • Supports wireless Bluetooth. The external Bluetooth antenna supports 30 meters transmission distance, high-speed and stable.
  • Support HDMI-ARC for better digital signal transmission.
  • Original APP can read the preset music list of the mobile phone, with audio source selection and treble and bass adjustment.
  • Support SW-OUT subwoofer output. Connect an active subwoofer to achieve 2.1 system and treble and bass adjustment.
  • Unplug the U-shaped short-cut ring to turn integrated amplifier into post-amplifier. 


4. Sound Effect

The sound output is clean, rich, and natural, suitable for many styles of music. The bass is continuous, balanced and sonorous. The treble is transparent and bright, with good separation of instrumental music. The overall sound quality is warm and analytical.


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