hifi power amplifier
hifi power amplifier
hifi power amplifier
hifi power amplifier
hifi power amplifier

Tonewinner wholesale power Hi-Fi music amplifier

AD-3PRO+ is a Hi-Fi amplifier with high power transformer and capacitor. It supports one-click switch among Class A, Class AB and Auto mode. It supports XLR, RCA, DSD decoding, MM/MC phono and USB Audio to meet the need of audiophiles and audio enthusiasts. The high audio sample rate offers rich and analytical sound. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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DSD Decode Class A Hi-Fi Integrated Amplifier

Hi-Fi circuit

AD-3PRO+ adopts symmetrical differential common-emitter, common-base voltage input, differential amplifying and temperature compensation circuit, driving multiple Darlington transistors to form the complementary push-pull amplifying circuit. And the sound is transmitted via the BTL output configuration. Such circuit greatly improves the purity of music reproduction and preserves more details of each part of music.

30+years pursue in AD Series

AD-3PRO+ carries on the most popular functions of AD-2PRO such as DSD decoding, MM/MC phono and subwoofer balance output. It also achieves its update on the basic of AD-3PRO by adding USB-Audio port to offer more choice for audiophiles.

USB Audio 

It handles DSD512 high class audio format to achieve PC Hi-Fi.

Phono Interface, classic appreciation.

It supports MM/MC cartridges for easy compatibility.

The rich sound will take you back to classic time.


Balance Input

XLR audio port for less interface

and low distortion.

Subwoofer Output

XLR /RCA output port connected to an active subwoofer will truly meet the need of bass fans. 

Bi-wiring Connection

It supports standard connection and bi-wiring connection mode. When in the bi-wiring connection mode, treble and mid-bass are separately connected with the amplifier so as to reduce interference and improve sound effect.

Multiple Connections

Class A/ Class AB/ AUTO

AD-3PRO+ has three built-in circuit modes: Class A, Class AB and auto-switch between Class A & AB, which is one of the symbols of Tonewinner’s high-end Hi-Fi amplifier. Use the remote control to achieve one-click switch among these three modes.

High Power

165W for each channel to drive most famous speakers.

Use the remote control to achieve one-click switch between

integrated mode and purely amplifier mode.

USB Decoding Chip


DSD decoding: DSD512, 256, 128, 64

PCM sample rate: 32bit/768kHz


It adopts high class chips with good

logical calculation

to offer lossless sound. 

ES9038 Decoding Chip

This chip enables it to decode multiple audio formats.

Dynamic range: 129dB

Distortion: -120dB

High sample rate, high quality recording.

DSD up to 22.5MHz, PCM up to 768kHz/32bit.

Operational Amplifier

It adopts 9 OPA1656 optional amplifier from Texas Instruments to form full balance amplification and bring analytical and warm sound.

High Power Transistor

A total of 24 1941/5198 Toshiba transistors for bright treble, bloat mid-range and sonorous bass. 

Volume Controller Chip

It adopts NJW 1195A volume controller chip with -118dB low noise and 0.5dB adjustment step. It provides lower distortion and better channel separation.

High Capacitance

A total of 8 capacitors to offer 80,000μF capacitance for powerful driving.

High Power Transistor

600W toroidal transformer for strong power driving.

Patent Certificate

Spport AC 110V-220V power supply voltage.

Multi-chamber Layout

The areas of input, power storage, power supply and amplifying are separated into chambers so as to reduce the interference of free electromagnetic wave. 

Focus On Details

All steps of our assembly lines work in order to focus on details and make quality products. We compromise on nothing.

More Details

External Design

It adopts classic black and white cabinet.







SNR: ≥100dB (A-weighted, analog direct)

Frequency response: 15Hz-95kHz (+1/-3 dB, analog direct) 

THD: ≤0.05% (1kHz,normal working) 

USB input support: DSD512, 256,128, 64, DoP 256, 128, 64, PCM 16-32bit, 44.1-768kHz

Optical,coaxial input support: DoP 64, PCM 16-32bit, 44.1-192kHz

Output power: 165W Rms/8Ω (THD=1%, 1 channel driven, 1kHz)

Rated impedance: 8 ohms

Gain: 40dB±1dB

Class A static power consumption: 260W~300W

Class AB static power consumption: 70W~110W

Standby power consumption: <0.5W

N.W: 30.5kg         G.W: 36.5kg

Power supply voltage: ~110(60Hz)/220V(50Hz)

Dimension: 444x 460x 226mm (WxDxH)

Package dimension: 614X 604x 379mm

Accessories: Remote control, power cord, optical cable, user manual.

≤0.05%(1kHz,normal working)
≥108dB(A weighted)
Standby power consumption
Power output
2×165W (8Ω,1kHz,THD=1%,1 channel driven)
40dB ±1dB
Power consumption
260W-300W(Calss A);
70W-110W(Class AB)
Size: 444x460x226mm(W×D×H)
Package: 614×604×379mm
Applicable Places
living room, theater, Karaoke room, demo room,bedroom, meeting room, etc.
power cord, manual, optical cable, remote control


AD-3PRO+ is a dual channels Hi-Fi amplifier with high power transformer and capacitor. And it's a 330 watts stereo audio amplifier which supports one-click switch among Class A, Class AB and Auto mode. It supports XLR, RCA, DSD decoding, MM/MC phono and USB-Audio to meet the need of audiophiles and audio enthusiasts. The integrated stereo power amplifer with high audio sample rate will offer you rich and analytical sound.


Function of amplifier Hi-Fi stereo


  • 1 coaxial and 2 optical digital inputs; support PCM and DSD decoding.
  • 2 way unbalanced and 1 way balanced inputs.
  • USB sound card, support 768k sampling rate PCM and DSD512 software decoding/hardware decoding.
  • Manual power-on/standby function, trigger power-on/standby function.
  • Static bias mode selection: Class A/Class AB/AUTO.
  • Speaker output module selection: group A/ groupB/ groupA+B.
  • Standby, working and protection modes display on front panel.
  • AC 110V/220V power supply automatic compatibility.
  • 1 unbalanced and 1 balanced bass output.
  • MM/MC phono inputs.


Features overview


  • Adopt fully balanced, fully symmetrical, differential input to differential BTL power output Class A power amplifier circuit.
  • High conversion rate, low harmonic distortion, low noise, good transient response, wide frequency response range.
  • The amplifying part adopts a common base circuit to improve the gain and high-frequency response.
  • The output part adopts a three-stage Darlington transistors.
  • High voltage for amplifying part and slight low voltage for output part to futher improve the performance of the whole machine.
  • 600W high quality transformer, up to 80,000 capacitance.
  • 165W/8Ω high power output for each channel to drive all kinds of speakers.
  • Independent internal layout to minimize the influence of left and right channel signals.
  • Protections: overcurrent, overheat, short circuit, etc.
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