audio amplifier price
audio amplifier price

Tonewinner 2 channels Class A Hi-Fi power audio stereo amplifier manufacturer

AD-1PA is a Hi-Fi stereo amplifier with Class A/AB mode, high power transformer, transistors and capacitors. It’s a flagship amplifier which can be perfectly connected with AD-1PRE+ processor. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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Class A Hi-Fi Amplifier


Class A High-end Hi-Fi Amplifier

Strong & Powerful




Balance Circuit

Symmetric, differential input & differential BTL output.

It adopts full balance amplifying circuit to reduce interference

and provide better music playback effect.

Differential Circuit 

Differential circuit can help offer wide dynamic range,

high-speed transmission, low distortion and good frequency response for analytical sound.



Amplifying Circuit

three-stage BTL differential output


It adopts three-stage BTL differential output via Darling transistors, which gives stronger driving and control of speakers.


Amplifying Circuit

three-stage BTL differential outpu

Class A/AB Mode Auto Switch

Class A /AB Mode

Auto mode: It will auto-switch to Class A or Class AB mode according to the machine temperature. It can also be adjusted manually.


Bi-wiring Design

For less interference, sound coloration and distortion.

Bi-wiring may produce an audible improvement

over standard single cabling, reduce magnetic interaction in the cable and result in better sound.

Hi-power Transistor

8 pairs TTC5200/TTA1943 high power transistors

It adopts well matched high power TTC5200/TTA1943 transistors,

which are very sensitive and work stably for high-speed switching even when the working current changes a lot , so as to reduce impact on sound quality.

180,000μF Capacitance




A total of 16 customized capacitors offer high capacitance

up to 180,000μF for better power supply.




1,200W Transformer

Well package, low noise & high power.

Separate Chamber Layout

For less interference and better channel separation.


Multiple separate chambers for each function area

work well to reduce interference and noise.

Wide Voltage Patents

Patent No.1: high and low voltage power

supply switch used for audio amplifiers

The designer sets a reference voltage inside compared with the amplified audio signal. It will output the corresponding level to the conversion control circuit. The conversion control circuit selects the on-coil according to the input level to realize the high and low voltage conversion, while preventing the sudden jump of the level and distortion that occurs in the Class H power amplifier. With this stable and reliable design, the whole machine gains high efficiency and better energy saving, improving the performance of the power amplifier.

Patent No.2: power supply switch

used for audio amplifiers

Basic circuit components for 110V & 220V conversion.

When the voltage exceeds the preset limit,

it can avoid misjudgment of power supply,

and prevent excessive voltage and damage.

The circuit conforms to voltage

in most countries and regions.

1W standby, more energy efficient.

External Design

It is classic black and white and all aluminum with sleek and uncompromising design which embodies its noble beauty. Just as our design concept: we render audio products noble.

More Details





SNR: ≥108dB (A-weighted, balance input)

              ≥115dB (A-weighted, unbalance input)

Frequency: 10Hz-100kHz (+1/-3 dB, analog through) 

THD: ≤0.008% (1kHz, normal working) 

Channels: 2

Output power: 300W Rms/8Ω (THD=1%, single channel, 1kHz)

Rated impedance: 8 ohms

Gain: 29.5dB±1dB

Class A static power consumption: 260W-300W

Class AB static power consumption: 70W-110W

Standby power consumption: ≤1W

Net weight.: 43.4kg       Gross weight.: 46kg

Power supply voltage: ~110(60Hz)/~220V(50Hz)

Dimension: 444x294x449mm (WxHxD)

Package: 614×446×606mm

444×294×449mm (WxHxD)
≥108 (A weighted)
Net weight
8 ohms
Standby power consumption
Channel separation
Power consumption
260-300W or 70W-110W
Output power
living room, demo room, etc.
AD-1PRE+ preamp, TY-1CD CD player,
TD-8 floor standing speaker
power cord



Circuit and material design


  • AD-1PA Hi-Fi amplifier adopts full balance circuit and BTL output with good performance of wide dynamic range, strong driving, high convert speed and low distortion and noise. 


  • It adopts independent chamber layout to reduce interference and improve channel separation. When the 1200W transformer is working, very low and even no noise can be heard within two centimeters. A total of 16 capacitors bring 180,000 capacitance for stable Hi-Fi performance.
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