Let you know more about Home Theater and HIFI Audio Nov 17 , 2022

Let you know more about Home Theater and HIFI Audio

The core task of home theater: watching movies, listening to music, and watching concerts.

The core task of the HiFi system is to listen to music.

Similarities between the two: Both systems include three major components: speakers, amplifiers, and players.

Differences in hardware: The number of devices is different, and the device functions are different.

1. The number of speakers represents the number of channels. The HIFI system uses 2 speakers, that is, two channels. Home theater systems are multi-channel systems that use many speakers. The most common configuration of living room theaters is the 5.1-channel.

2. Atmos system configuration scheme, adding in-ceiling speakers, there are 5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4. According to existing home theater specifications, it can be used up to 34 channels.

3. The amplifiers are different. There are fewer binding posts behind the HIFI amplifier because there are fewer channels. And there are many interfaces behind the home theater amplifier, because there are many channels.

4. The playback device is different. There are two common home theater players: Blu-ray players and HDD HD players. The Blu-ray player supports 1080P Full HD and 4K Ultra HD. But now many people download Hi-Fi movie resources directly from the Internet. There is still a different between the set-top box and the dedicated Blu-ray player or hard disk player in terms of picture quality and sound quality, so it is not recommended to use the set-top box as the player of the home theater system.

5. There are more playback devices in the HiFi system, such as CD players, digital music players, and network players that can play online music resources. For example, Tonewinner TY-50CD is actually a multi-function CD player. It can not only play traditional CD records, but also play your music files stored in the local area network, and also play some online music resources. In addition, it can also connect to your mobile phone via bluetooth or wifi, and use the music APP on your mobile phone to play your favorite music, which is very convenient to use.

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