What is the difference in sound experience between cinema system and HiFi system? Nov 17 , 2022

What is the difference in sound experience between cinema system and HiFi system?

1. The sense of hearing of the traditional two-channel HIFI system is the front sound field, that is, you are sitting in the auditorium and the stage is in front of you. If your speaker placement and your listening position are ideal, you can clearly Feel the width of the stage and the depth of the stage. We can feel the singer's position when we sit in the audience, whether he is standing in the center of the stage or standing on the left or right. Listening to music, such as violin, piano concerto, we can tell where the violin is on the left and the piano is on the right. This is the sound field feeling of the HIFI system.

2. What the home theater brings to us is the surround sound field. In the process of watching the movie, we can clearly distinguish the bullet from front to back, the protagonist walks from one side to the other, and the aircraft keeps spinning around us. The panoramic sound introduces the sky channel speakers, so that all the sounds from the sky have a very good performance. In short, the pursuit of home theater is an immersive feeling.

3. The Home Theater System can also listen to music, and the Blu-ray player can play CD records. During the process of listening to songs, the two main boxes are sounding, and the other channels are not sounding. For the HiFi system, we only need to configure a Blu-ray player, or configure a high-definition player to connect to the TV to watch movies, but without the experience and feeling of surround sound, but it is still much better than the speakers of the TV itself.

The comparison between home theater and HIFI system is a bit like the comparison between SUV and sedan in a car. SUV emphasizes versatility and loading capacity, while sedan emphasizes handling and comfort. These two models have both certain commonalities and certain specificities.

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