Do you know how to place amplifiers and speakers to achieve best performance? Nov 21 , 2022

Do you know how to place amplifiers and speakers to achieve best performance? 

Do you know how to place amplifiers and speakers to achieve best performance?

The following are seven placements for reference.

Let's go.

The first method, 3:1:7 ratio.

This requires a relatively big and proportional room. It will be better if the room is proportionally 1:1.25:1.6 or 1:1.6:2.5, so as to get balanced sound and wide sound field. First, divide the length of the room into three equal parts. Then the High-end Hi-Fi bookshelf stereo speakers are placed at the one-third points of the length, and finally adjust the the distance between the two speakers to be 0.7 of two-thirds of the room length.

It's better that speakers are facing slightly inward to listening position and that there is some space between listening position and back wall.


The second method, 3:3:1 ratio.

This also requires a relatively big and proportional room. First, divide both the length and width into three equal parts with four supposed lines to get four intersection points. Second, place the speakers at the intersection points in the left and right of listener. Also, toe-in the speakers to make them face slightly inward to listeners and empty some space between the listening position and the back wall.

The difference from 3:1:7 ratio is that the speaker distance is smaller, but this 3:3:1 ratio can also achieve good sound performance.


The third one, Rhombus diamond placement.

Take the square-shape room as a diamond shape to get two diagonal lines and one intersection point. Stand facing one corner and place the listening seat a bit behind the intersection point. Connect the middle points of the two diamond lines you’re facing to as one segment line and place the speakers at this segment line. Finally make sure the distance  between speaker and wall is the same and not too close. The corners at the front and back of you should be made as arc barrier to reflect sound.


The forth method, behind Axis.

First, divide the room length into three equal parts and also two equal parts. Place the speakers in the area between one-third line and one-half line close to the side wall as possible. If the room is too wide, speakers do not have to be too close to the side wall. Toe-in the speakers over 45 degrees to get one intersection projection point of sound from two channels speakers. The listening position should be 0.5-1 meter behind this intersection projection point.


The fifth one, regular triangle method.

Just follow these four conditions. The first condition, the speakers should be at least one meter away from the rear walls and at least 0.5 meters from side walls. Secondly, the distance among two speakers and listening position is the same. The third condition is that two speakers should be toe-in over 45 degrees. The fourth, this regular triangle can be big or small. Bigger triangle for small room and low power of amplifier and vice versa.


The sixth one, long wall placement.

In a rectangular room with long length, people usually take the short wide as the back wall of speakers. But this is opposite to this "long wall placement" method. In this method, the long length is taken as the back wall of speakers. The speaker should be at least 1 meter away from the back wall, and 0.5 meter form the side walls. The distance among two speakersand listening position is the same to be a regular triangle, and the inward projection angle of the two speakers should be at least 45 degrees. two speakers should be toe-in over 45 degrees The listening position should be placed at least 1 meter away from the wall.


The last method, near the wall.

This is the commonest placement. Place the speaker right face to the listening seat and close to the back wall with 50cm, 30cm, or 20cm away from the back wall. And you don’t need to toe-in the speakers. Adjust the distance to get the sound performance you want.

The above are the seven most common speaker placement methods. Please find the most suitable placement method according to your actual needs. The principle of placing speakers is that, in any room space, there will be a position and a placement method that will make your speakers emit the most engaging sound. To find the point for the best resonance effect is we are always pursuing.

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