2022 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Audio Exhibition Nov 09 , 2022

2022 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Audio Exhibition

Recently, Tonewinner's products appeared in the Kuala Lumpur Audio Show in Malaysia. This time, it was not our Tonewinner team that went to the exhibition, but Mr. David Low, the representative of our Malaysian distributor Audio Art Sdn Bhd.

This time he will show you AD-1PA+AD -1PRE+ and TY-1CD are high-end Hi-Fi amplifier CD players, and use them to drive the speakers of Egglestonwork Kiva. Friends who want to go to Malaysia to participate in the exhibition can keep an eye out on Tonewinner products. I believe that the audition on site will be better than  recording software.

In addition, Mr. David also brought our best-selling models such as AD-7300PA+, AT-2300, AD-2PRO+, AD-66D, AD-86D to the exhibition. Friends who are interested in our products locally can go to the exhibition. Take part in a audio show and see the magic of Tonewinner's sound.


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