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Audio products FAQ

Q1: How to place speakers correctly?

Let’s start from the 2.0 speakers as it has relatively simple appearance structure (only two speakers on the left and right). As the saying goes, distance makes beauty! The placement of 2.0 speakers includes three distances:

1. The distance between the speaker to the wall.

2. The distance between two speakers.

3. The distance between listener to the speaker.

First of all, let’s talk about the distance between the speaker to the wall. Since most of the 2.0 speakers available on market have rear-mounted ports, it is recommended to keep the distance between the speaker to the rear wall and side wall between 20-50CM. When speakers are working, this distance ensure the sound waves in the phase port can be completely released to make the sound more energetic. Don’t place the speaker too close to the wall, or no matter how good the speaker is, it will not produce good effect.


Q2: Hi-Fi amplifier and AV amplifier, which is the better choice? Bookshelf speakers and floor-stand speakers, which is the better choice?

When you want to buy a power amplifier, firstly you should know it is more for listening music or to watch movies. For listening music, it is more suitable to use stereo Hi-Fi amplifier. While for watching TV, it is more impressive to use multi-channel AV amplifier, otherwise the movies you watch will be something lacking, many details and highlight performance can only be presented by multi-channel equipment. 

There are two ways to buy speakers:

1. The sound of the bookshelf speaker is more gentle and delicate, while the sound of the floor-stand speaker is more grand and spectacular. If you have high requirements for sound quality and tone, it is recommended to choose bookshelf speaker. If you pursue the scene with heavy bass, it is recommended to choose floor-stand speakers.

2. Check the distance between the screen and the seat. If it is within 3 meters to 5 meters, bookshelf speaker is a better choice. When watching movies at a short distance, the size of floor-stand speaker is too big that will block the sight angles, moreover, listener will feel the sound come directly from speaker instead of the screen, it seems that the speakers cover the scene of movie screen, it can not let listener enjoy the movie. If it is a distance more than 5 meters, both floor-stand speakers and bookshelf speakers can be used. If you are a super movie fan, you can hide all the speakers. You can build the bookshelf in wall, or hide them by sound-transparent screen, then you can enjoy real theater feeling.


Q3: What are the relations and differences between pure Class A, Class AB, and Ultra Class A?

Class A: During the entire cycle of the signal (two half rounds of both the positive and negative of sine waves), no any power output components will not have current cut-off (means no output), this kind of amplifier called Class A amplifier. Class A amplifier will generate high heat when working, it has low efficiency, but its advantage is no crossover distortion.

Class B: The positive and negative two half rounds of sine waves, are push out by two arms of outputs, the conductive time of each arm is half of the signal. This kind of amplifier calls Class B amplifier. The advantage of Class B amplifier is high efficiency, while the disadvantage is it will generate conflict distortion.

Class AB: Class AB amplifier is between Class A and Class B. the conductive time of each "arm" that pushes and enlarged is greater than the half cycle of the signal and less than one cycle. Class AB amplifier solves the problem of crossover distortion of class B amplifier, and its efficiency is higher than Class A amplifier, so it is more widely used.

Ultra Class A can be understood as a dynamic Class A circuit. Its working principle is to be class AB when the amplifier is static, when amplifier is dynamic, the bias voltage of last level will change as the input signal change, this can effectively avoid crossover distortion.


Q4: How to connect bi-wiring and how to improve sound quality?

Theoretically, two-wire crossover can improve the sound quality, but it mainly depends on whether the speaker cable you choose has high quality and good characteristics.

For example: If you use high-quality and high-purity 6N (multi-core single crystal oxygen-free copper with a purity of 99.99%) for your mid- and low-frequency speaker cables, the improvement in the mid-low frequency of the audio will be very obvious. As the thickness increases, the dive of the low frequency will become deeper, and the strength and texture will also be enhanced.

At the same time, because of the separation from the high frequency transmission, the penetration of the treble and the extension to the super high frequency will not be weakened by the increase of the mid-low frequency.

At this time, if the high-frequency speaker wire is used again with pure silver (at least 99.99% purity) speaker wire or high-purity 7N oxygen-free copper wire plated with silver, which has a strong inhibitory effect on the skin effect of wire conduction , the high-frequency performance of the sound will be obviously crystal clear and transparent, the high-frequency penetrating power will be further improved, and the sound will appear elegant, beautiful... It is one of the advanced playing methods pursued by enthusiasts. Try it and you will be poisoned immediately. 

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