Solutions to common issues when using Tonewinner wireless Bluetooth products Nov 04 , 2022

Solutions to common issues when using Tonewinner wireless Bluetooth products

Q1: Wireless connection playback cannot control the volume

When using TY-i30, the Apple system cannot control the volume in the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection modes, while it works fine with Android system.

TY-W01, the Apple system can control the volume of Bluetooth playback, but cannot control the volume in Wi-Fi mode, while it works fine with Android system.

IOS is a closed system and cannot reach an agreement with the machine, so the volume cannot be controlled. Android is an open system, which amplifies or attenuates the volume of the phone and transmits it to the machine for the purpose of controlling the volume.


Q2: Can EF-1000 Bluetooth playback achieve the effect of CD player?

EF-1000 is a Bluetooth player, and the sound will have some information loss during Bluetooth transmission process.

EF-1000 is a high-quality player, which is better than the general market players. The decoding chip uses the D/A converter which used in medium and high-end CD players. If you use a TF card or a data cable to connect directly, the sound quality will be better than Bluetooth playing.


Q3: How to push using WiFi?

WiFi has two modes.

1). AP mode: Connect the mobile phone to the hotspot of TY-i30.

2). Network mode: Select to enter your home WiFi password, exit, and enable WiFi function. The mobile phone should be connected to the TY-i30 in the same way under a network, the mobile phone can see the multi-screen push on the APP that plays music.

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