Common problems solution in ToneWinner audio products (part 2) Oct 27 , 2022

Common problems solution in ToneWinner audio products (part 2)


Q13: My HIFI amplifier volume is not controlled, what is the situation?


Amplifiers with pure power mode (AD-3, AD-2SE, AD-86SE, AD-86PRO) only need to long press the MUTE (mute button) in the upper right corner of the remote control to switch the mode; in the same way, if the volume is not controlled, it may be If you accidentally switch the mode, you can press and hold the MUTE button for 3-5 seconds to switch back to the normal mode.


Q14: After my amplifier has been upgraded, will I return to the previous version by pressing "Restore to Factory Settings"?


Won't. Restoring the factory settings is only to recall the parameters of the initial debugging of the new version.


Q15: After using my power amplifier for several years, I suddenly found that one channel is loud and the other is small. What's the situation?


First rule out the speaker problem or the power amplifier problem: swap the positions of the speakers on both sides to see if there is no sound on the other side. Replace the wire and test it once to determine whether it is a wire problem. If it is a power amplifier problem, it may be due to poor contact of the potentiometer.


Q16: The power amplifier board of my machine is burnt. After the repair, it burns after playing a few songs. There is no problem with checking the overvoltage, and there is no problem with playing with other power amplifiers. why is that?

1. Make sure that the impedance of the speaker should be between 4-8 ohms, and it is easy to burn the power amplifier if it is lower than 4 ohms.

2 Input signal≤2V.

3. The speaker cable can't be connected too long, check whether it is damaged, its quality will also affect the power amplifier.


4 Maybe the amplifier does not match other equipment.


Q17: The sound of my power amplifier is intermittent, how can I solve it?

1.Use noise to test whether it is really silent when there is no sound.

2.Maybe the software caused this situation, you can use the software to upgrade.


3.Open the top cover of the machine, there is a white three-core wire between the power amplifier board and the high-definition version, check if it is black, if yes, wipe it with an eraser and then connect it back. This is because the machine wiring is not in good contact, or oxidized.


Q18: I bought a pair of bookshelf boxes, can I put them directly on the ground or in a cabinet?


Can not be placed directly on the ground, the standing wave is very serious; it is not recommended to place it directly on the cabinet or table, it will have a great impact on the bass, the bass will be confused, loose and not condensed. It is recommended to use a tripod. If there is really no place to put it, you can cut two marble pads (20-25mm is most suitable) below the speaker base, so that the sound is more cohesive and transparent. If it is a wooden floor subwoofer, you must add a marble pad.


Q19: When my power amplifier sings K, only the main box sounds, but the surround does not sound. Is it normal?


First determine whether the model of the power amplifier supports 5.1 karaoke, such as AD-9215HD, AD-9313E/HD, etc. is 2.1 karaoke, in karaoke mode, only the main box and subwoofer will sound; HD-1100 is 3.1 karaoke, K The main box, center and subwoofer will sound when singing; HD-2100, HD-1120, AD-9313EHD upgraded version, etc. are 5.1 karaoke, and all channels will sound when singing karaoke.


Q20: How to link power amplifier with notebook?


Does the laptop have an optical fiber output interface? If there is, use an optical fiber cable to connect the optical fiber output of the notebook and the optical fiber input interface of AD-3D. If not, use a one-to-two lotus cable to connect the headphone output interface of the notebook, and the DVD/VCD of AD-3D, etc. Analog input, that's it.


Q21: Should the phase of the subwoofer be adjusted to 0 or 180? Where should the frequency be tuned?


There is no fixed standard, and it can be adjusted according to the room environment and listening habits. The frequency is generally adjusted to about 100 (that is, at 1 o'clock), and then adjusted according to the sense of hearing. If the bass is too muddy, it can be adjusted in the direction of 120. If the bass is too dry, it can be adjusted in the direction of 80. The frequency of 80~120 can meet the absolute requirements. the needs of most users.


Q22: The power amplifier has no bass output. Can this kind of power amplifier be used with a subwoofer?


The subwoofer is connected to a power amplifier without a bass interface, and the subwoofer is connected to the main speaker with a high-level connection.


Q23: The screen of the machine suddenly does not light up?

After rebooting, the display disappeared for a while, and the screen was always on, but no data was displayed. You may not have enough power supply for the screen. If it can light up normally at the beginning, the voltage is enough for a moment. Try to open the top cover of the machine, and then find the cable connected to the display screen and re-plug it.


If the screen is broken, it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

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