amplifier PA system
amplifier PA system
amplifier PA system

Tonewinner PA professional karaoke amplifier 2 ch suppliers

ToneWinner KB-1200 is a new KB series pro-amplifier which has a high quality.It has a great capability and big power.Besides , it has great perfofmance in reliability and stability.So,it's the top grade pro audio amplifier in pro amplifier series. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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Overall characteristics

      KB-1200 aluminum alloy metal wire drawing panel, the overall image of high-end atmosphere, is a classic.


 Circuit Design

      Perfect electronic circuit: The power amplifier circuit adopts balanced low-distortion (≤0.05%) high-speed and low-noise (signal-to-noise ratio ≥100dB) Hi-Fi amplifier circuit, so the input signal must be in accordance with the same phase and inverse of the corresponding pre-stage output in the manual. Only the phase input method can achieve the best effect. The input end is also equipped with a rich and practical small signal processor at the input end of the power amplifier, which filters out sub-low frequency electrical signals and ultra-high frequency electrical signals. Harmonic distortion and noise are further reduced, It provides very delicate, pure and plump audio resolution and high-fidelity amplification, so that the audio signal can be displayed smoothly and authentically!

      Perfect electronic protection circuit: It has the functions of soft start, overload protection, short circuit protection, self-excitation protection, overheat protection, mute switch, DC protection, etc., to ensure safety and reliability. The soft-start function of booting can effectively reduce the pulsating (surge) current at the moment of booting, and reduce the electric power load of the power switch, power protector (fuse) and strong current protector (air switch, etc.) at the moment of booting, Avoid accidental (in this case) power outages (high-current protector tripping or fuse blowing), extend the life of the unit's power switch, reduce the safety specification of fuses, and improve system stability and safety. Reliable overload and short circuit protection function, in the case of serious load or short circuit, to ensure that the output stage of the power amplifier will be protected in a very short time, and it will return to normal immediately once the fault is eliminated, which greatly improves the reliability of the system and the safety of use; The self-excitation and clipping protection circuit prevents the speaker unit and other related components from being damaged by the self-excited current caused by the serious short-term overshoot signal, providing a deeper protection and improving the reliability.

      High-efficiency ultra-low noise forced cooling fan and large cast aluminum alloy dressing and cooling system: and adopts intelligent electronic wind speed controller, when the average temperature of the air-cooled radiator is low, the fan speed is low; when the air-cooled radiator is When the temperature continues to rise, the rotation speed of the fan also increases, and the air volume gradually increases, which strengthens the heat dissipation of the machine. In this way, on the premise of ensuring the safety and reliability of the whole machine, the noise generated by the fan is greatly reduced and the service life of the fan is prolonged, and the heat dissipation caused by the long ventilation distance caused by the traditional professional power amplifier's "channel-type" heat dissipation structure is completely solved. One end of the device is hot, and the other end is cold, resulting in a bad phenomenon that some output power tubes are overheated and damaged.

      Distortion-free dynamic compression limiter circuit: When the input amplitude is overloaded, the output is kept at the maximum power (1%THD) output, and no overload clipping distortion occurs, ensuring that the speaker system and power amplifier are always in a stable working state, Greatly improves the reliability of the audio system.

      Message indication circuit: The indicator lights on the panel provide immediate and easy-to-understand operation messages about the signal, signal clipping, protection line activation, etc.

      Rich and practical functions: In terms of function settings, the design of this machine is extremely elegant, almost reaching the level of "consummate perfection". The input port supports fully balanced electrical signal and unbalanced electrical signal input. Multi-order high-pass switching filter, commonly known as "low-cut", can be used according to the actual situation of the audio system. This function can not only reflect the actual level of the matched professional speakers, but also give full play to the respective characteristics of the professional speakers, so as to achieve the best sound. It can make full use of the power supply energy and exert the unique potential strength of the machine.

      High-strength steel frame: The frame is made of high-strength, high-hardness steel, with a thickness of about 2.2mm, which is sturdy and durable, and an oval-shaped steel handrail is specially made, which is easy to use and does not hurt your hands. The scientific and reasonable internal structure ensures that the power amplifier is not easily damaged. Has a strong professional shape and industrial flavor!

rated impedance
rated power
≥105DB(A weight)
application places

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