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best cd player
best cd player

Tonewinner custom optical coaxical black multi cd players

TY-30 is the high end CD player that Tonewinner Audio took two years to make. It is absolutely dignified in terms of shape, workmanship, volume, weight, circuit and component materials. It can support CD, HDCD,MP3, WMA and other audio formats. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

  • Model

  • G.W.

  • THD


TY-30 CD Player

Support Multiple Decoding Formats

It decodes music formats including CD, HDCD, MP3, WMA,

etc to meet the requirement of most audio enthusiasts.

Abundant Connection Options

It supports 2 way unbalanced outputs, 1 way full balance stereo analog output,

1 way coaxial digital output and 1 way optical digital output and

can be connected to devices with external digital-to-analog converter.

Balance Differential Amplifying Circuit

The analog amplifying part adopts full balance differential circuit

to reveal clearer and definitive sound.

AD1955 Decoding Chip

CD Player, also Processor

It adds optical and coaxial inputs for more high quality music.

Customized Disc Drive

The disk drive is customized and tested to fit this CD player,

which works well in reading and recognizing.

With the anti-vibration base chassis,

it can efficiently reduce shaking of the

read/ write head and increase its reading accuracy.

We compromise on nothing for Hi-Fi

OPA2134 Op-amp

The OPA2134 operational amplifier from Burr Brown is ultra-low distortion,

low-noise operational amplifiers with high output drive capability,

excellent DC performance and a wide output swing fully specified for audio applications.

Classic Design

It's black and white with sleek linear and uncompromising design.

The panel, buttons, knobs are polished with fine gloss. Simple, but not simply simple.



Frequency response
20Hz ~ 20KHz (+ 0 / -1dB)
≤0.005% (1KHz)
New weight


≧104dB (1kHz)

Output level

2V±1 dB

Channel unbalance

 ≦1dB (1kHz)

N.W/ G.W

Supported formats
444x106x370mm (W×H×D)


TY-30CD portable CD player

TY-30 CD is a Hi-Fi CD player whose body is made of all-aluminum alloy and the shell is anodized. The remote control adopts all-aluminum alloy fine sandblasting process, which is smooth and textured. He is equipped with a high-definition crystal display and honeycomb-shaped metal shock-resistant feet.


Function of high-end CD player

1. External Design

TY-30 is sleek with aluminum alloy cabinet and fine buttons. The crystal lake-blue display screen collocates well with the cabinet outer case. The honeycomb-shape feet can reduce the vibration caused by the working disc drive. The classic black and white design fits most room designs well.

2. Internal Design

Customized disc drive: uniform disc speed, good ability in reading and recognizing  and anti-vibration base chassis.

Operational amplifier: OPA2134 with low noise, low distortion and high analytic performance.

Output circuit: differential amplifying output circuit to connect to most Hi-Fi amplifier.

Decoding chip: AD1955 audio DAC chip handles 24-Bit, 192 kHz sample rate PCM audio data and -110 dB total harmonic distortion.

Capacitor: PP capacitor with high temperature resistance and stable performance.

3. Main Features

Analog output: 2 way unbalanced outputs, 1 way full balance Hi-Fi stereo analog output.

Digital output: 1 way coaxial digital output and 1 way optical digital output to connect to external devices with DAC for less interference.

4. Specification

THD: <0.005% (1kHz)

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (+1/-3dB)

Crosstalk: ≧104dB (1kHz)

Output level:2V±1 dB

Channel unbalance: ≦1dB (1kHz)

Support format: CD, HDCD, MP3, WMA, etc

Net weight: 8.3kg

Gross weight: 10kg

Dimension: 444×106×370mm (W×H×D)

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