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Tonewinner classical music mp3 usb tf card cd player

TY-1CD is a Hi-Fi flagship CD player with delicate design, durable materials and quality components. It supports audio formats including CD, HDCD, SACD (CD layer), MP3, WMA and analog & digital outputs for audiophiles and audio enthusiasts. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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Hi-end Hi-Fi CD Player

Long-term Pursue for Quality Products

Black and White Classic Collocation

TY-1CD is flagship model made by durable materials with classic design for long term use.


 Hi-end CD Player main function

Multiple Audio Formats Decoding 

Full Balance Output for Low Interference

2 way unbalance outputs and 1 way full balance output have good ability to

optimize sound delay for low distortion.

Lossless Outputs for Better Sound

ES9028 Decoding Chip

It adopts ES9028 decoding chip from American ESS company, handling up to 129dB SN, -120dB low distortion and up to 32bit/384K input signal to offer analytical sound. 

OPA1632 Fully Differential

Operational Amplifier

OPA1632 op-amp from TI company has flexible fully differential architecture with differential input and differential output to drive high-performance audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). It delivers superior audio quality, very low noise, large output voltage swing and high current drive. It has the following advantages.


Lower Noise:

Differential output reduces even-order harmonics and minimizes common-mode noise interference. A very low input voltage noise of 1.3 nV/√Hz further ensures maximum signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.

Lower Distortion:

0.000022% THD for purer sound and better audio experience.

Wider Bandwidth:

An excellent gain bandwidth of 180 MHz and very fast slew rate of 72 V/μs which helps to produce exceptionally low distortion.

384 KHz High Sample Rate for Higher Quality Recording

Customized Capacitor

The filter capacitor and coupling capacitor

from Japanese ELNA company will give

strong support for sonorous bass,

warm mid-range and bright treble.

Customized Disk Drive

As one of the vital parts, this disk drive is selected and tested again and again to fit the CD player, which works well in reading and recognizing. With the anti-vibration base chassis, it can efficiently reduce shaking of the read/ write head and increase its reading accuracy.

Power Supply Group for Strong Driving

Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

It adopts analog linear power supply with 50W ring transformer and quality electrolytic

capacitor to form multi-way regulated power supply to separately supply power to digital circuit

and analog circuit. It also adopts separate layout to reduce interaction of unrelated power

supplies and offer pure power. This power supply group is the source of the whole machine,

giving strong support to the power storage and wide dynamic range.


Separate Multi-chamber Layout

for Lower Interference and More Purity



The chamber of power supply, standby power supply & disk drive are separated form the chamber of D/A exchange, and the transformer is covered by a big shield.


All parts are adopted separating and shielding measure to make sure the interference and interaction are most-efficiently blocked so as to reduce noise and offer the purest sound.


The shielding device makes it more stable and reliable, reducing the noise caused by vibration. 


Beauty Inside and Out


TY-1CD player classic black & white and all aluminum with sleek linear and uncompromising design presenting its noble beauty. Just as our design concept: we render audio products noble.

It adopts silver and black aluminum cabinet design.

The middle dull polished silver aluminum with

wire-drawing black aluminum on both sides

generates its simple and elegant beauty.

With the endurable materials, sleek design

and reliable technology, it can be your

long-term audio player.




Reference output voltage: 2V±1dB(1KHz)

Channel unbalance: ≤1dB(1KHz)

crosstalk: ≥105dB(1KHz)

THD: ≤0.002%(1KHz)

SNR: ≥110dB (A-weighted)

Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz (+0/-1 dB)

Readable Disc Format: CD,HDCD,MP3,WMA

N.W: 10.7kg, G.W: 13kg

Power supply voltage: ~110/220V (50Hz/60Hz)

Overall size: 444x 114x 410mm (WxDxH)

Analog output port: 2 groups umbalance output, 1 group balance output

Digital output port: OPT, COAX, AES/EBU

Accessory: remote control, user manual

Aluminium Alloy
Reference Output Level
Frequency Range
Audio format




Overview of TY-1CD Hi-Fi CD Player


1.External Design

TY-1CD adopts the classical black and white cabinet with sleek linear and curving design, showing its and our uncompromising attitude. The outer enclosure was anodized to keep the surface polished and bright for a long time. The LCD display screen, the disk drive and the fine aluminum remote control are all in good quality and texture.

2.Material & Circuit Design

All output terminals are gilded by 24K gold to solid surface, reduce corrosion, increase efficiency of current supply, reduce transmission loss and stabilize signal transmission.

3.Decoding Clip

It adopts the ESS9028 digital audio decoding chip from American ESS company, which handles SN up to 129dB , distortion as low as -120dB and 32bit/384kHz audio signal to decode multiple audio formats.  This clip features the ability to transmit and play 3.078Hz DoP (DSD, SACD) in coaxial and optical way. With the high class analyzing capability, this clip will bring wider low frequency & sound field for analytical sound.

4.Operational Amplifier

OPA1632 op-amp from TI company with differential input and differential output drives high-performance audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). With 0.000022% THD and a very low input voltage noise of 1.3 nV/√Hz, it reduces even-order harmonics and minimizes common-mode noise interference to deliver superior audio quality.

OPA1612 bipolar op-amp is unity-gain stable, precise op amps with very low noise and also free from output phase reversal. With a very low 1.1 nV/√Hz noise density and 0.000015% THD, it ensures low noise and low distortion for better audio appreciation. 

5.Customized Capacitor

ELNA Filter capacitor and ELNA coupling capacitor give stable support for better sound.

6.Customized Disk Drive

Stable Disk Drive with anti-vibration ability will set solid support to achieve high reading accuracy.


To fulfill the higher taste of CD player lovers, it supports analog outputs and digital outputs.

Analog output includes 2 way unbalance outputs and 1 way full balance output, all of which have the ability to optimize the sound delay. The phase-offset modulation used for balance output minimizes the unrelated interference.

Digital output includes 1 way coaxial, 1 way optical and AES/EBU outputs. As one of the symbolic features of Hi-end CD player, AES/EBU output can exchange audio signals, locate and control information in real time.

8.Sound Quality

With AD-1PRE+ preamplifier and AD-1PA amplifier, TY-1CD player will bring you bright treble, bloat mid-range and sonorous bass.

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