Why this Hi-Fi class A 2.1 power integrated amplifier is worth buying? Dec 24 , 2022

Why this Hi-Fi class A 2.1 power integrated amplifier is worth buying? 

This super class-A integrated power amplifier with rich functions, excellent performance and high cost performance is just a new upgraded model of the early classic model AD-99, and the improved circuit and new functions are more suitable for the needs of today's audiophiles. At the same time, the launch of AD-99D refines and perfects the current product line of Tonewinner power amplifiers to meet the needs of different users in matching various speakers. And it is expected to be the same as Tonewinner's existing Internet celebrity model AD-86D, and become the first choice for everyone when purchasing Hi-Fi integrated power amplifiers.

1. Unique super class A circuit design

The brand-new AD-99D has an output power of up to 180W at 8 ohms per channel. Whether it is matched with a bookshelf speaker or a small and medium-sized floor-standing speaker, it can almost show a relatively satisfactory driving state.

Compared with the previous model, AD-99D has made drastic changes in the original amplification circuit, adopting Tonewinner Audio's mature patented technology "Super Class A circuit", which is also applied in the best-selling AD-86D, AD-66D and other models. Super Class A circuits take into account the respective advantages of Class A and Class A and B amplifier circuits. For example, in terms of sound quality, it has the warmth, delicateness, softness and smoothness comparable to Class A power amplifiers, and at the same time has the high efficiency characteristics of Class A and B power amplifiers. Ultimately, it is far superior to pure Class A and B power amplifiers. Low distortion and large dynamic performance of power amplifier.

2. Carefully selected components

AD-99D can be described as a big guy, the net weight of the whole machine is close to 50 catties. The different modules inside the chassis are separated and shielded independently, including: five areas of power supply, input, energy storage, left and right channels are separated from each other by metal plates. This high-cost structure is only seen in high-end models of foreign brand audio equipment In fact, it can effectively reduce the free electromagnetic waves in the space and reduce the interference between modules. This makes the bottom of the presentation more clean and transparent.

The big one located at the front of the case is the 550VA giant fever ring cow customized by Tonewinner, which uses pure copper enameled wire and high-quality silicon steel core to provide a continuous and stable power supply for the whole machine. And 8 high-end customized filter capacitors with a total capacity of up to 69400 microfarads. It is reported that the customized capacitors are made by Tonewinner's senior tuner after strict comparison with the special process and medium specified by the audition, and it is confirmed that the capacitor has a relatively good effect on sound playback. Ideal restoration, delicate sound quality, full-bodied timbre. During work, these capacitor banks are like a large pond for energy storage. When playing a violent and dynamic sound, the power will increase several times in an instant. At this time, the electric energy required for output is quickly taken from the large water filtered by energy storage. pond! This is also the advantage of Tonewinner's similar high-power post-amplifier.

The amplification part uses two pieces of Texas Instruments TI's new field-effect JFET audio amplifier OPA1678, and 8 Toshiba high-power tubes, which are carefully selected and matched with high precision to ensure that they are highly consistent. Sex and linearity, far surpassing the previous generation in various indicators. The common sound characteristics of the two chips: loose and mellow, sweet and delicate, largely determine the final sound direction of AD-99D.

In addition, the volume control of the AD-99D uses the same audiophile volume chip NJW1194 as the flagship power amplifier AD-3/AD-3D of Tonewinner, which has the characteristics of low offset, low output noise and low distortion.

3. Audiophile audio decoding chip

Tonewinner AD-99D is not only a integrated amplifier high-quality high-power, but also has a very good decoding ability. The built-in high-performance audio decoding chip AD1955 from American Analog Devices, which is highly respected by the audiophile audio circle, has independent digital filtering and DA The conversion, dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio indicators reach 126dB, and the highest support for 24bit/192KHz audio file decoding. With its excellent resolution and dynamic performance, it has gradually become one of the most common decoding chips in Tonewinner products. The use of mature design schemes also allows the potential of this chip to be well utilized. In addition, the sound neutral balance is also a major feature of this chip.

4. Rich functional interface

The upgraded Tonewinner AD-99D has more functions. Relying on the above-mentioned high-quality decoding chip and various types of digital audio access methods, even if there is no traditional audio source equipment such as CD player and digital music player, it only needs to A pair of speakers can easily form a high-quality stereo music listening system.

First of all, it has a wealth of digital interfaces, including 3 coaxial, 1 optical fiber, 1 USB Type-B (USB Audio) interface connected to the computer, 1 HDMI with ARC function, 1 USB interface and 1 A TF card slot.

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