AT-2700 New Home Cinema Atmos Receiver 5.1.2 Dec 15 , 2022

AT-2700 New Home Cinema Atmos Receiver 5.1.2


With the industry's top hardware configuration standard, AT-2700 is equipped with the most mainstream and advanced audio and video decoding scheme in the industry, coupled with Tonewinner unique ETQ automatic acoustic test system, to achieve 5.1.2 atmos sound and immersive audio output.

1. High-end configuration for audio-visual fever

Rich interface configuration, can connect U disk, TF card, Blu-ray player, set-top box, TV, CD player, game console, mobile phone and many other devices, and can also easily connect to the intelligent central control system to realize smooth viewing.

2. The most powerful chip in the industry - video signal processing

The technical core of AT-2700 is concentrated on core circuits such as audio and video decoding, DSP processing and programming management.

In terms of video processing, AT-2700 uses the industry's strongest chip - Panasonic MN864788 as an important processing chip for multiple HDMI input/output.

It supports up to 32 channels of object audio, supports 3840*2160 4K/60Hz ultra-clear video pixels, and through RGB4:4:4, YUV4:4:4 technology, the image contrast and brightness are significantly improved.

This video decoding chip is also fully compatible with mainstream video technology standards such as HLG, HDR 10, and Dolby Vision, fully displaying clear brightness, contrast, and color details, so that viewers can get an excellent viewing experience!

Equipped with the superimposed full English OSD function independently developed by Tianyi, the preamp has a super high background transmittance, ensuring that the user does not interrupt the playback screen during debugging and switching. This technology is unique at home and abroad!

3. International top technology - panoramic sound decoding and DSP signal processing

In terms of audio signals, the DSP sound field processing is completed by the fourth-generation SHARC floating point operation sound field processor ADSP21573 of Analog Devices. It has powerful computing energy efficiency - 500MIPS dual-core; equipped with two classic multi-functional integrated audio processors CS42528, it provides A/D and D/A conversion functions on the basis of digital reception.

These three processors fully handle Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding, and are responsible for DSP sound field post-processing, including sound field virtualization and sound field expansion, as well as adjustment of sound effects, frequency response curve adjustment and timbre correction of many speakers.

The excellent CS42528 processor establishes the separation of the sound field and the coherence of the surround, and is an indispensable member of the power amplifier system. Cooperating with the ETQ automatic test and correction function independently developed by Tianyi, the audio system can be integrated with the room, creating a completely different new experience!

4. Professional and precise cinema adjustment

AT-2700 is equipped with ETQ automatic room acoustic test system, one of the world's top five fully automatic audio test systems, and it cooperates with the test microphone T-2 to realize intelligent acoustic correction and easily adjust professional theater-level sound effects. The system picks up the acoustic characteristics of the room environment, and automatically identifies the number, position, and optimal corner frequency of the system, as well as the main listening distance, of connected speakers and subwoofers. 

By capturing the frequency and time threshold of the indoor noise in the listening area, it can eliminate the distortion caused by the indoor noise, and automatically correct the sound field, so as to obtain more accurate audio positioning and bring a more realistic sense of presence to the audience.

This powerful calculation method is more professional and accurate than the traditional external computer adjustment. The adjusted curve can be displayed at a glance through the power amplifier OSD menu. The final theater effect is whether it is the thickness and fullness of the sound or the atmosphere of the sound field. , are highly guaranteed.

5. High-quality ring cow, the source of power

AT-2700 has 7 channels of independent output, each channel has a strong rated output power of 200W (4Ω).

6. Humanized design

In addition to high-definition image processing technology, powerful audio decoding functions, automatic system optimization and adjustment, and excellent post-processing capabilities, AT-2700 also has many convenient and practical functions.

AT-2700 supports 128g U disk and TF card local music playback, supports mainstream lossless music formats such as APE, FLAC, WAV; at the same time, it supports 15-meter long-distance wireless Bluetooth transmission, and has automatic reconnection function.

The most worth mentioning is the original APP function of Tianyi, an independent music playback center and management interface, which supports up to 8 layers of file management, and the local song list of U disk/TF card is clear at a glance.

In addition, the user can set individually: independent memory for each channel volume, independent setting for power on and off volume, maximum volume limit for microphone and music, and memory for power off volume. Carefully adjusted user parameters can be recalled at any time by saving them to the local intelligent system; they can be recalled at any time even after upgrading or restoring factory settings, once set, it will take effect permanently.


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