10 Tips for Your Audio System Dec 07 , 2022

10 Tips for Your Audio System

This article talks about ten basic concepts and tips for optimizing your audio system such as  processors, amplifiers, speakers, CD players, etc.

No.1 Run-in

Run-in used in Hi-Fi audio field means to continuously use your audio products for a long time to achieve smooth performance and best sound quality. What you need to do is very easy. First, read carefully the user manual and pay special attention to those cautions and notices. Second connect your audio products properly and let them work for tens of hours or hundreds of hours.  It’s better select some audio video sources that are most appropriate and consult your products manager to know the best time period for run-in.

No.2 Analytical Sound

For display, the word “resolution” means the ability of a television or computer screen to show things clearly and with a lot of details. The higher the resolution, the clearer the display performance. Similarly, we have a word “analytical” to describe the clarity of sound. When listening to analytical sound, you are able to analyze the elements and details of the sound. The more analytical the sound, the more details you can get.

No.3 Impedance

4 ohms and 8 ohms are two common impedance of speakers. Although 4 ohms speakers can make the power amplifier gives a higher output power, low impedance speakers need amplifiers with higher output current and some amplifiers with not-so-good ability may cause distortion. Low impedance speakers may even affect the control of low frequency. In addition, the impedance of some speakers may be reduced to less than half of the impedance during working. And the lowest impedance of some AV receivers is over 6 ohms. So it is best to choose a speaker with an 8 ohms impedance. 

No.4 Speaker Size

Inch may be the common unit to describe speakers. Small size speakers provide a better sound experience, but they are only appropriate for short distance listening. For big size rooms, halls or bars, large size speakers are more practical and powerful to offer enough frequency. Normally the size of speakers depends on room size.

No.5 Dumbbell Speaker

Speakers with one treble driver on middle and two mid-bass drivers on both sides are called dumbbell-shape speakers. This type of speaker do good characteristics of low frequency, sensitivity, output power capability and distortion. Most dumbbell speakers performs too low at mid-range frequency, which you need to pay more attention on.

No.6 Bi-wiring

Speakers support bi-wiring connection will have two groups of terminals. For common connection, these two groups of terminals are paralleled and at this time the speaker wires must be connected to the terminals of mid-bass driver. Otherwise the low frequency playback will be impacted by the connecting metal slice between the terminals.

No.7 Wooden Floor-standing Speaker 

As the name suggests, floor-standing speakers are placed on the floor. But floor resonance may impact the sound playback, so the feet, base or stand are necessary. Book-self speakers are usually put on pedestal or stand instead of directly on desks or in cabinets.  

No.8 Speaker Stand

As told before, some speakers need feet, base or stand to support. Use some double-side tape or other adhesive to stick between bottom of speakers and stand so as to give some adhesive-ability and avoid tumbling.

No.9 Reflective Speaker

For reflective speakers whose sound output hole is designed on the back panel, it’s important to adjust the best distance between speakers and back wall to achieve best low frequency performance. Too short distance causes muddy sound, while too long distance causes weak low frequency. For reflective speakers whose sound output hole is designed on the front, just put them on short shelves or cabinets.

No.10 Speaker Placement

Speaker placement depends on room size and room environment. Different room environment brings different sound quality even with the same system. Please check the article titled “Do you know how to place amplifiers and speakers to achieve best performance” on our news column on our website. 

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