Tonewinner Dolby Atmos home theater speaker soundbar trial report——Function Control Dec 06 , 2022

Tonewinner Dolby Atmos home theater speaker soundbar trial report(Control Part)


Nowadays, all audio products that are related to "smart" are inseparable from APP control. The level of software design directly affects the operating experience of the product. This atmos soundbar with amplifier is naturally no exception. Scan the QR code on the product packaging box or on the manual to get the latest version of Tonewinner Audio APP. After opening the soundbar with amplifier Bluetooth mode and the mobile phone Tonewinner Audio APP in turn, connect the paired device under the prompt. After the connection is successful, you can see the simple and elegant interface of the APP and various functions. The user can select the audio source to be switched according to the device input. After selecting, you can enter the corresponding playback interface, and use your mobile phone to directly control the Soundbar to play.

Of course, you can also select parameter adjustments on the APP interface. In this interface, you can manually set the volume of each channel independently: such as center volume (-6dB to +6dB); surround volume (-10dB to +10dB); sky volume (-10dB to +10dB) Subwoofer Volume (-10dB to +10dB); DTX: X Dialogue Increase (0-6); DRC (Dynamic Gain Control): On/Off/Auto etc...

The APP also has a corresponding mode selection, and there are four optional functions in this interface: pure tone mode (mainly for enjoying HI-FI music), music mode (mainly for listening to pop music), news mode (mainly for watching TV programs ), Movie Mode. Each of these functions has its own channel signal for sound field expansion and timbre adjustment. The tone adjustment is 11-band equalization EQ adjustment (EQ from 30Hz--16KHz), users can modify the settings according to their current listening environment and habits. The adjustment step is 0.1dB, and the adjustment range is -9dB to +9dB; there are also channel options: dual-channel output, multi-channel output, UPMIX, NEO:X, etc...

In addition, the APP also has function setting options. In the function setting, you can set such as: display brightness, off-screen time, power-on signal source, CEC power control, HDMI standby pass-through, external subwoofer switch, power-on volume, no signal standby, Restoring factory settings, version information function, version upgrade, Chinese and English selection, etc., all operations will be concentrated in this APP, with comprehensive functions, clear and clear, and very convenient to use.


Use and listening experience:

What impresses me most about soundbar with amplifier sound bar speaker is that it is easy and convenient to install. You just need to put it on the TV cabinet and connect it with three HDMI data cables (a Xiaomi box and a Sony Blu-ray player) with two inputs and one output. It can play normally after power on.

Since this is an audio companion specially configured for a large-screen TV in a small living room, it is mainly used to watch TV programs and play high-definition movies, so I will directly try to broadcast Atmos Blu-ray movie programs to start.

When playing Dolby’s specially recorded Atmos soundtrack disc “Shattered”: When a break- through baseball hit the glass of the window of the room, hundreds of glass shards of different sizes were shocked by the shock wave of the baseball’s potential energy & flew all over the sky, and then scattered from left to right in the study room, hitting the furniture and the floor of the room, making a series of crisp cracking sounds of tinkling glass colliding with each other. At this time, increase the volume of the ceiling channel to about 8dB,  increase the sound of the subwoofer channel to 10dB, and back to the replay of the time node when the baseball smashed the glass window, you can feel the blasted jet flying from the heavily hit window glass to the high left side and hit the table and floor at the bottom right of the room, forming a very shocking scene. The coercive sound of the sound, the sense of envelopment of the sound is more obvious, especially the metal sound of several large glass shards directly hitting the lamp cover, which is exaggerated and displayed in front of me at the same height as my ears. Savor it carefully: it is different from the hearing experience of ordinary 2.1 multimedia speakers, this is a three-dimensional stereo sound field, which is completely different from the two-channel flat sound field. It sounds like a strong surround effect! Cooperating with the high-definition moving picture of the large-screen TV, the experience will have an immersive sense of reality!

One thing that must be mentioned is that the sky channel of this speaker is a special channel that best embodies the effect of Dolby Atmos. Reflected at a suitable angle to where I sit, the sense of hearing is as if the sound is transmitted from the ceiling from top to bottom. The sense of movement of the sound direction. This is the fundamental difference between Dolby Atmos effect and 2.1 multimedia sound effect.

At lastvia the control of TONEWINNER APP, I listened to U disk playback, TF card playback, and the HI-FI audio source introduced into the CD player with optical fiber/coaxial to play popular songs, symphonies and various forms of lossless music. The sound experience is still good, so I won’t talk about it here, let’s sum it up in one sentence: the so-called technical industry has a specialization. In terms of simply listening to HI-FI music, although the sound effect of this HDMI 2.1 Soundbar speaker cannot be compared with the traditional HI-FI level It is comparable to high-fidelity audio, but it has also reached a good level, and it can completely match the sound quality and timbre of mid-to-high-end 2.1 multimedia audio. It has a better sense of hearing and listening sense than many thousand-yuan Bluetooth speakers! Moreover, the sound is clear and bright, the sound pressure is huge, and its own bass effect is also relatively prominent.


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