Tonewinner Dolby Atmos home theater speaker soundbar trial report——Technology Introduction Dec 06 , 2022

Tonewinner Dolby Atmos home theater speaker soundbar trial report

Technical introduction of soundbar:

Open the back panel of the machine to observe its main organs. There are two main circuit boards with large area and densely packed various small precision patch components and integrated blocks, which are superimposed and installed in the box body in upper and lower layers. in the cavity.

Among them, the printed board on the upper layer is mainly installed with Taiwan Jinghao ESMT AD82584F (three pieces in total) D-class power amplifier integrated block (2X25W/8Ω), with the digital power supply independently installed on the left and right sides of the cabinet, Complete tasks such as power amplification of the left/right channel, overhead channel and subwoofer channel respectively. Its total power output is as high as 200W. When used in a room of about 30 square meters, the sound pressure can easily achieve a shocking effect. The volume adjustment range of this machine is 0-80. In my audio-visual room of 25 square meters, the volume is only turned up to 40, it is already a terrifying magnitude! It can be seen that the power reserve is still quite abundant!

Located in the middle and rear of the upper printed board is the digital signal receiving and audio conversion circuit based on Cirrus Logic 8416-CZZ integrated block of American Crystal Semiconductor Company and AKM5385AET. Its function is to complete the centralized processing of the optical fiber input and digital coaxial signal input of the whole machine. . The integrated module with the largest area and 54 pins on the right side of the printed board is the ATS2825 Bluetooth receiving/processing chip component with a wide range of uses. ATS2825 is a Bluetooth V4.2 dual-mode audio solution Soc with extremely excellent performance designed for the mid-to-high-end Bluetooth market. It highly integrates MCU, DSP and RF in a single chip. Although it is small in size, it has profound internal power. It is a product specially designed for portable and wireless Bluetooth audio soundbar. It meets the market demand for high performance, high stability, high transmission rate, and low power consumption. It is currently the mainstream chip for Bluetooth solutions.

The circuit board on the lower layer is a core board dedicated to Dolby Atmos input and decoding: the large-scale integrated circuits on board mainly include Silicon Image si19777cluc HDMI/MHL2.0/3.0 video /Audio processor, the processor supports up to 32 channels of object audio, supports 4K/30 and 1080P/60, this chip is large in size, good in heat dissipation, full of technology, and strong in visual impact, it is a high-definition audio and video product One of the indispensable important members;

Another core integrated circuit chip of this machine is the ADSP-21584 large-scale DSP integrated chip from American Analog Devices. I/O throughput capacity. Provides real-time floating-point processing performance for many applications where dynamic range is critical. Here, I am responsible for decoding the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio of the sound bar, easily creating a surround sound field effect with excellent listening experience and an effect comparable to Dolby Atmos home theater. In addition, the operation control of the whole machine comes from STM's 32-bit single-chip microcomputer. Its high technological content is by no means comparable to ordinary so-called high-fidelity "whispering wall" products!

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