Tonewinner Dolby Atmos home theater speaker soundbar trial report——Initial Impression Dec 06 , 2022

Tonewinner Dolby Atmos home theater speaker soundbar trial report


Since LED ultra-thin LCD TV became popular, people have to criticize its thin and dry sound quality brought by its ultra-thin physical properties while admiring its light and stylish volume and high-definition beautiful picture. Therefore, the sound wall TV audio was born in response to the situation, and was quickly recognized by the general public.

Whispering wall is a product with small size, simple wiring, easy installation, convenient operation, and random placement. In fact, it uses today's advanced digital DSP sound field processing technology and frequency division technology to integrate multiple power amplifiers and speakers into one long strip. Shaped speakers form a multi-channel multimedia speaker, which is placed in front of the LED TV to improve and strengthen the sound effect of the ultra-thin LCD TV, and its effect can be described as immediate. The sound will immediately become full and vigorous.

With the high maturity of audio technology and digital high-tech, audio manufacturers at the forefront of technology have adopted the most advanced Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos) and immersive sound effects (DTS:X) in the audio and video industry according to the Dolby Labs plan Technology is also added to the Soundbar of speaker offerings.

The soundbar products with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X highlight the simplicity, convenience and sound effects brought by high technology! Its multi surround sound experience and excellent sound quality can completely create a Dolby Atmos home theater soundbar effect comparable to that of a traditional independent audio system in an ordinary small living room. The convenience of wiring (no need to pre-embed complicated wiring), the simplicity of operation (just adjust the volume of each channel speaker on the mobile phone APP) and the super high performance-price ratio are all unmatched by traditional panoramic sound home theaters. compared with. This is the soundbar panoramic sound TV audio system newly developed and launched by Tonewinner Audio, which I will introduce to you in detail today.

Initial impressions of "Yuexiang 2":

Tonewinner Audio is the first large-scale audio company in my country's audio industry to cooperate with Dolby Laboratories of the United States and to obtain Dolby Atmos technology certification in China. As early as a year ago, it successfully launched its own panoramic sound living room theater products, coupled with the intensive cultivation of HI-FI audio and theater products for 27 years, its strong technical strength and rich experience have already become my country's audio industry. The first-line brand, rave reviews!

For panoramic sound products, Dolby Laboratories of the United States requires that its eye-catching mark (DOLBY ATMOS) must be clearly marked on the package to show "pure blood". This product has been recognized by Dolby Laboratories as a license to use the patented technology.

I believe this slim box design should be acceptable to many small living rooms, and it will look more coordinated with a 55-inch color TV.

Under the soft light, I noticed that the whole body of the speaker has a faint metallic luster: the cabinet is actually made of aluminum alloy, and the delicate and tough metal texture makes people like it. No wonder there is such a weight!

Examining the appearance of soundbar from the aesthetic point of view of modern home appliance design, the most direct impression is "simple and straightforward", the aluminum alloy cabinet, without complicated decoration, and the high/medium/ The six speakers in the bass part, the two overhead speakers installed at an angle of 30 degrees to the plane on the left/right of the top of the sound bar, and the left/right sides of the sound bar are as cute as "Peppa's nostrils" The reverse hole of the subwoofer is clearly visible, conveying to the user that it is a 2.1.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound system.

The cabinet adopts the aluminum alloy fine wire drawing process and anodic plating passivation coloring process, which are more popular in high-end audio equipment. A beautiful black coat is tailored for the dignified cabinet, which matches the tough texture of the slotted work area. , lake blue LCD screen, and 5 bright silver function buttons and other design elements, which echo the large black metal protective nets on both sides of the panel. Ready to come out, easily caught my eye!

The recess on the back of the box is the functional area of the back panel of the speaker, and the signal terminals of the speaker are considered relatively complete:

It is worth mentioning that a SW OUT (subwoofer signal output) output interface is designed on the right side of the back panel of the speaker. Although the speaker has two subwoofers, it is limited by the volume of the sound cavity and the vibration cone of the woofer. The size is only 4 inches, it is impossible to produce excellent low frequency. But with the SW output interface, you only need to add an active subwoofer of more than 100W, and you can create a theater-like shocking sound effect and skin-killing low-frequency cyclone in the living room when watching American blockbusters!

For the convenience of users, the sound bar is also designed with a full-featured remote control, covering from power switch to audio source selection, main interface parameter setting and control, volume adjustment of each channel, up/down song selection, pause/play , mute and many other functions. The design is very user-friendly, bringing a very simple and convenient experience to use.

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