hifi floor stand speakers
hifi floor stand speakers
hifi floor stand speakers
hifi floor stand speakers
hifi floor stand speakers
hifi floor stand speakers

Tonewinner manufactures 7.1 AV Hi-Fi stereo sound quality speakers

TD-8 is a high grade AV/HI-FI compatible set of 7 channels and 5 channels developed by Tone Winner to cooperate with the Tone high definition home theater. The full set is made of a pair of high density silkworm and 6.5 inch trumpets with a 1 inch high density ball top, and a double 8 inch and middle bass horn. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

  • Model

  • Channels

  • G.W.

  • SNR

    89dB(1W . 1M)






Hi-Fi Floor-standing Speaker

Five Generation Development




Since 1996, five generation.

More than 20 years experience to make high quality and high taste speakers.




Long-term Effort for Flagship Speaker 

As one of the flagship speakers, TD-8 combines the long-term experience in making

Hi-Fi products, with durable material and rigorous circuit.

Build Your Own Home Theater

It will offer you analytical and realistic sound. For you, also for your home entertainment.

Immersive Sound Effect

Connected to the center and surround speakers of the same series,

TD-8 will give you warm and stunning sound as the theater effect.

Elegant Cabinet Design




Warm Sound Surround

1.1” Tweeter Unit with Thin Film Dome-shape Diaphragm


6.5” Mid-range Unit

  8” Bass Unit

Hi-Fi Audio Crossover




    Solid Cabinet

Gilding OFC Binding Post

Rear Bass Reflex Design

Surround Speaker

Center Speaker

It has three-way five speaker units and is 830×239×312mm,

enough for strong driving.







Model TD-8 Main Speakers TD-8 Center Speakers TD-8 Surround Speakers
Speaker Unit 8″×2+ 6.5″×1+ 1″×1 6″×2+4″× 2+ 1″×1 6.5″×1 + 1″× 1
Sensitivity 89dB(1W . 1M) 88dB(1W.1M) 85dB(1W.1M)
Frequency Range 30Hz-20KHz 40Hz-20KHz 60Hz-20KHz
Rated Impedance
Power Output Range 20-150W 90W 45W
Size 280×1200×415mm 830mm×239mm×312mm 235mm×380mm×178mm
N.W 41.5kg/pcs 18.8kg/pcs 13kg/pcs

Main speaker
Center speaker
surround speaker
6″×2+4″× 2+ 1×1
6.5″×1+1″× 1
Frequency range:
Frequency range:
Frequency range:
Power range:20W-150W
Power range:10W-100W
Rated impedance:4Ω
Rated impedance:4Ω
Rated impedance:4Ω
N.W:26Kg/2 pairs
Package size:382mm*1310mm*514mm/piece
Package size:920mm*343mm*405mm
Package size:470mm*472mm*318/pairs




Function of AV Power Amplifier


1.Appearance characteristics


  • The net weight of the main floorstanding speaker is 83 kg, enough to show the firmness of the cabinet. The surface is decorated with red rosewood veneer, and part of the front panel is processed with black leather-like painting.


2. Design Features


  • TD-8 is 3-way four-unit floor-standing speaker with rear bass reflex design. The 1.1 inch tweeter unit is designed with high-density dome-shape silk diaphragm, working with one 6.5 inch mid-range unit and two 8 inch mid-bass units.
  • The cone of mid-bass unit is made of natural material with a layer of high-damping glue and a layer of mineral mixing material for appropriate damping, intensity and better transient response. It also adopts a cast aluminum frame with good heat dissipation, 5N oxygen-free copper wires, a high-temperature-resistant aluminum-magnesium former, a big voice coil for large amplitude, a permanent magnet , and a soft rubber surround. All of these materials and design enable it to bring clear and pure sound with better transient response.
  • The tweeter unit adopts a transparent silk diaphragm, with good extension, high frequency resistance and low distortion to meet the need of high power home theater system.
  • The center speaker adopts two 6.5 inch mid-bass units, two 4 inch mid-range units and a 1.1 inch tweeter unit, so as to highlight the human voice and dialogue and bring clear and full sound. 
  • The surround speakers are also of the same color. They are all tailor-made in strict accordance with the international standards for Dolby AC-3 and DTS formats. The frequency range is as wide as 70Hz-18kHz to meet the technical standards and hearing requirements of high-end home theaters.


3. Main Features


  • The frequency crossover has three ways of dividing frequency. The high-pass adopts a two-level filter made of Metallized Polypropylene Film (MKP) capacitors. The mid-bass and bass passes are also two-level filter made of professional non-pole capacitor and large oxygen-free copper (OFC) inductance coil. After testing and adjustment, the phase distortion is reduced to a minimum.


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