which amplifier brand is best? Jan 06 , 2023

Tonewinner is one of the best audio power amplifier brands in china


Begin with Passion

The story of Tonewinner starts with a passionate heart. Keenly sensitive to the trend of electronic products, the founder Li Zhi spent effects into audio circuit boards in the 20th century. The precursor company was founded in 1992, and the year 1999 witnessed the expanding founding of Guangzhou Tonewinner Electronics Co,. Ltd. The product assortment expanded to Karaoke integrated audio products, amplifiers, speakers and home theater systems in this decade. The brands Winner and later Tonewinner spread footsteps worldwide with original passions. Today with ISO 9001 quality management systems certified, Tonewinner is a mature audio designer, manufacturer and supplier with R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Business Scope

Asa professional manufacturer of Home Theater/Professional Power Amplifier, Hi-Fi Power Amplifier, Processors, Preamps, CD Players, Speakers, Subwoofers, Bluetooth & WiFi Speakers, and Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbars, ToneWinner is renowned at home and abroad. Its own brand ToneWinner already has been the top 10 famous audio brand in China with tens of thousands audiophile-level followers.

Our Customer

Founded in 1992, ToneWinner now covers more than 15,000 square meters factory area, & got ISO 9001 certificates since 1995. We have been specialized in audio industry for 30+ years, & offer excellent OEM/ODM services for both domestic and overseas customers, what's more, we also established stable long term business relationships with lots of famous brands. Benefit from a more than 300 well-trained staff team & advanced production equipments, ToneWinner delivers high quality products with competitive prices, its partners cover North America, Europe, Australia, Asia etc.

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