Tonewinner low noise transistor amplifier Hi-Fi stereo power amp AD-2PRO Jan 29 , 2023

Tonewinner low noise transistor amplifier Hi-Fi stereo power amp AD-2PRO

The combination of the flagship power amplifier AD-2PRO and the bookshelf box TD-9 gives people a great sense of surprise. The sound texture presented by this set of speakers is clear and the rhythm is full of layers!

Top configuration Hi-Fi, combined highest flagship power amplifier AD-2PRO

As the top configuration of Tonewinner's integrated power amplifier, AD-2PRO uses solid materials and designs with care. When the top cover is removed, the five-box sealed cavity and chamber structure comes into view, and the input, power supply, energy storage, and amplification are partitioned and shielded, which effectively reduces interference. The interior of the power amplifier is neat and clean, with a built-in 860W giant fever ring cow, 16 Tonewinner high-end customized filter capacitors with a total capacity of up to 128800uF, 24 high-power Toshiba 1943/5200 transistors, etc., with strong power and abundant power, which can reach 200W per channel (8 ohm) power output.

AD-2PRO adopts pure Class A circuit with fully balanced transmission amplification, which has small distortion and strong transient response. Selected high-end fever chip ES9038, 9 TI OPA1656 op amps, high-precision NJW1195A digital volume control chip and many other high-quality cores can easily drive various speakers, with beautiful sound, strong sense of rhythm, and strong music flavor, and can present a well-known The wonderful sound of "Sound of Nature".

Hi-Fi red wood speakers TD-9

The shell of TD-9 is made of high-end MDF board with a density of 21mm. The surface is covered with mahogany solid wood veneer, coated with multiple layers of piano paint, and it looks extra textured after layers of polishing.

The tweeter of this speaker uses a 1.1-inch silk dome tweeter with a voice coil diameter of 28mm, and the smooth high-end frequency response of the sound can reach 28KHz. The mid-bass is a 7-inch speaker unit, and the high-damping Kevlar synthetic fiber loose-pressed paper disc structure can easily dive to 40Hz.

The overall Butterworth classic crossover design is adopted: the treble channel is a third-order Butteros filter circuit, the mid-bass channel is a second-order Butterworth filter circuit, and a rear-firing rear-phase inverter design is also applied, and the fusion of each frequency band is extremely high.

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