Tonewinner Dolby Atmos decoder and receiver adjustment guide (beginner level) Jan 30 , 2023

Tonewinner Dolby Atmos decoder and receiver adjustment guide (beginner level)

1. Speaker layout settings: select the corresponding speaker layout type according to the number of speakers in the room.

2. Level test/compensation: Test whether the wiring of each channel is correct, and adjust the volume gain of different channels to achieve a sound effect with correct channels and a balanced sound field.

3. Speaker distance (delay) settings: Set the distance between each speaker and the emperor's seat, and the system will automatically convert the delay of the sound to achieve a better listening effect.

4. Subwoofer selection settings: When the "Subwoofer Selection" is grayed out, the subwoofer is forced to be turned on by the system. In order not to lose the low-frequency signal, the frequency of the main box must be set to full frequency, and this option will display white for users to choose "On/Off" subwoofer.

5. EQ settings: If possible, pass the "Automatic Acoustic Test" or "Professional Acoustic Test" first, and then perform EQ fine-tuning to debug different sound effects, theater mode, music mode, and karaoke mode, so that different input sources can be used Different EQ sound effects to achieve a better sound experience.

6. Power-on volume/maximum volume settings: the principle is to let the user turn on the machine and use it normally.


7. The maximum volume settings: the principle is to set the maximum volume suitable for the room and ensure that the sound is not distorted. If the equipment is in a distorted state for a long time, it may be damaged.

8. HDMI format settings: Set the HDMI signal format according to the projection/TV resolution. In order to ensure the normal display of ordinary TV, the factory default is "standard". If you need to play 3D movies, make sure that the front and rear devices support 3D Under normal circumstances, set the HDMI signal format to "Auto". If you want to set the HDMI signal format to 4K "Enhanced", you must ensure that all devices before and after support 4K60Hz, otherwise it may cause no video output.

9. Input source settings: set the on/off, rename, video source, audio source, EQ mode, whether karaoke is always on or external effector, independent volume, trigger output and other functions of each input channel to achieve arbitrary grouping Effect.

10. Karaoke settings: Let the user turn on the karaoke function to use it normally. Karaoke maximum volume limit setting: The principle is to ensure that the sound is not distorted when the user turns on the maximum volume during use. The built-in effector sound effect is debugged and saved.

11. Parameter save and recall settings: to ensure that the user can quickly restore to the adjusted sound effect after using the misadjusted and misconfigured settings in the future.

12. Lock settings: Long press the lock button on the remote control for 8 seconds to lock the machine.

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