Tonewinner cost-effective high-performance Hi-Fi sets recommended Feb 06 , 2023

Tonewinner cost-effective high-performance Hi-Fi sets recommended

The first choice: TY-30 (CD player) + AD-66D (amplifier) + TD- S3 (speaker)

As a classic model of Tonewinner, this set of speakers has received rave reviews from many customers. If you want to start a high-fidelity speaker with a low budget, this set is the most cost-effective choice.

Amplifier: AD-66D is a class-A integrated Hi-Fi amplifier with high efficiency and good sound quality. The body is made of compact all-aluminum alloy. The signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 95dB (A-weighted), and the channel separation is as high as -120dBtyp. It is also very convenient to use, and can be transmitted through Bluetooth, U disk, TF card, optical fiber, coaxial, etc. It also supports connecting to a TV with an HDMI cable, and is also smartly compatible with mobile phones, computers, and many other devices.

CD player: TY-30 is a CD player equipped with optical fiber, coaxial, and analog output interfaces, and supports CD, HDCD, MP3, WMA and other decoding formats. It uses a low-noise fully balanced differential amplifier circuit. The reading is stable and accurate.

Speaker: TD-S3 selects Hi-Fi dedicated speakers, built-in a 3/4-inch silk dome tweeter and a 4-inch PP polypropylene woofer. It comes with an impressionistic art style and excellent visual effects. It can not only be used to listen to the good sound of fidelity, but also can be placed at home as a decoration.

The full set of audio has been precisely adjusted by Tonewinner's senior audio designer, and has a high degree of coordination. The overall sound field positioning is clear, the transient performance is excellent, and the human voice deduced is full, clean, and stretched naturally.

The second set: TY-30 (CD player) + AD-86D (power amplifier) + TD- C8 (speaker)

Power Amplifier: As a Class A Hi-Fi power amplifier that has been upgraded for 5 generations, AD-86D adopts professional high-fidelity circuit design, selects 6 customized filter capacitors with a total capacity of up to 57400uF, and 8 high-power Toshiba high-power famous tubes TTC for enthusiasts -5200/TTA 1943, 2 TI quality operational amplifiers OPA1678, 400VA giant fever ring cow, provide a steady stream of power for good sound.

The power amplifier supports Bluetooth transmission, TF card local playback, U disk local playback, optical fiber/coaxial input, mobile phone APP control, HDMI ARC audio return, and also supports 2.1 subwoofer output, volume adjustment, etc. It can also be used from an integrated power amplifier to a pure power amplifier.

Speaker: TD-C8 is a three-way HiFi speaker. The tweeter uses a 1-inch silk dome speaker, the midrange unit uses a 5-inch aviation-grade carbon fiber speaker, and the woofer uses an 8-inch mica paper cone speaker.

This speaker incorporates the classic crossover design of the Butterworth circuit. After numerous rigorous tests and adjustments by the sound designer, the fusion between each frequency band has achieved the best effect.       

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