Tonewinner New home theatre 7.2.4 AV Dolby Atmos receiver AT-3000 Feb 13 , 2023

Tonewinner New home theatre 7.2.4 AV Dolby Atmos receiver AT-3000 

What can AT-3000 do? First, you can see that it make a 11.2-channel output, and the output power of each channel reaches 285W (4Ω load) integrated AV power amplifier, capable of driving. Most of the theater speakers, compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. In terms of video, AT-3000 supports 4K/60Hz video transmission output, and HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision high dynamic range technology surgery.

It's easy to listen to music. AT-3000 supports 128g U disk, TF card local playback and Bluetooth wireless connection, and there is also an exclusive mobile APP for music playback, switching and management. If you want to sing, just press the "Video/K Switch" button on the remote control to switch to a multi-channel karaoke system. If possible, connect an external karaoke machine, or use the HDMI audio return function to directly use the karaoke resources of the TV. It is worth mentioning that the AT-3000 is not only equipped with a microphone connection port and a volume knob on the front panel, but also has a built-in professional DSP processor. The microphone effect, reverberation and echo intensity can be adjusted at any time, with nine levels anti-whistle processing technology can effectively suppress sharp noises and prevent blowouts, allowing you to sing happily!

Why do I recommend AT-3000. Because it is not only good-looking, but also the configuration of hardware and software is absolutely cost-effective. In the HDMI input and output processing part, AT-3000 uses Panasonic MN864788 chip, supports 4K/60Hz, RGB4:4:4, YUV4:4:4 specifications, and can handle up to 32 channels of audio objects, And superimposed OSD menu, which will bring a lot of convenience when EQ setting and tuning. The specific audio decoding and processing are jointly responsible by Analog Devices' fourth SHARC floating-point computing sound field processor ADSP-21573, Cirrus Logic CS42528 and ADSP 21573. In order to ensure sufficient power, AT-3000 uses a high-power transformer. In addition to its strong driving force, it also has the advantages of stable output and strong anti-interference ability.

Next, I want to focus on the acoustic testing and tuning software built into the AT-3000. Tonewinner officially called it "EasyTest EQ Automatic Room Acoustic Test System", which was independently developed and written by Tonewinner engineers. Before using it, you need to purchase a matching home version or professional version of the test microphone. We used the EMT-2 professional version of the test microphone this time. In addition to the high-end microphone, there is also a connecting cable and a microphone stand that are of good quality at first glance. In the menu of AT-3000, it is divided into two sections: "Automatic Acoustic Test" and "Professional Acoustic Test". There is no need to say more about the former, just like most automatic tuning systems, just follow the system instructions to complete the test steps. The latter is much more fun. You can automatically correct each channel separately, or manually adjust the gain of multiple frequency bands of different channels, and you can even choose "with/without EQ test", Coupled with the aid of the graph next to it, the whole adjustment process is very intuitive and meticulous. The "EQ Setting" function immediately behind the "Professional Acoustic Test" option is different. There are five modes including Cinema, Music, Karaoke, Auto EQ, and Direct. Except the mode, other modes divide the channel into five sections: left and right, center, surround, overhead, and subwoofer. Click on each section to adjust multi-band gain. With the superimposed OSD menu mentioned above, you can even adjust while playing the video, feel the change of the sound, and finally call out the sound style you want. Judging from the actual use experience, let alone the effect, at least you can feel Tonewinner's impact on the sound field.

The attention and care of the adjustment. We tried AT-3000 this time, and we didn’t slack off. We connected a set of 7.1.4 panoramic sound system with it as the hub in the audio-visual room, and performed automatic sound field correction with the matching professional version microphone. For the first trial listening, the default selection is "Cinema Mode". This mode is similar to the "Auto EQ" mode, the advantage is that the sound field fusion is higher, especially the surround and upper sound fields. The difference in listening experience between the two modes is obvious. The three-band of the "straight-through mode" is more balanced, and the strength and elasticity of the mid-range, especially the low-frequency band, are more prominent. However, the scale of the sound field will be correspondingly smaller, and the presence of the front sound field is more prominent. . My personal suggestion is not to settle for nothing, but to make full use of the AT-3000's manual adjustment and EQ setting functions, such as on the basis of "theater mode" or "auto EQ" mode, to increase the You can set the gain of the channel, vocal or mid-range, so that you can take care of both. However, if you need an integrated AV amplifier that can meet 4K picture quality, support up to 7.1. AT-3000 is one of the best. It is fully capable of becoming the audio-visual entertainment control center in your home. It only needs to be combined with other brands of theater speakers to form a panoramic sound audio-visual K system to fully meet the needs of home entertainment.

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