2023 Top Home Theater Amplifier recommend at Home and Abroad - Tonewinner Audio Feb 21 , 2023

2023 Top Home Theater Amplifier recommend at Home and Abroad - Tonewinner Audio

In addition to some foreign brands, we have also seen the rise of domestic audio brands in home theaters in recent years. In the era of immersive three-dimensional sound effects, we have seen a series of excellent home theater amplifier products brought by Tonewinner for foreign audio-visual lovers and enthusiasts. At present, the main force of Tonewinner's home theater amplifiers includes the pre-processor AD-7300HD with 7.1.4 decoding capability, the integrated amplifier AT-2000 and AT-3000, and the multi-channel power amplifier AD-8300PA, AD-7300PA, AD-5100PA+, etc., can meet the needs of building surround sound systems for different usage spaces and usage requirements.

Among these home theater amplifier products of Tonewinner, the most eye-catching one is the flagship AD-7300HD pre-processor. First of all, in terms of key audio decoding capabilities, AD-7300HD can fully support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, through the 13-channel balanced and unbalanced audio output interface on the back of the fuselage, with the 7-channel power amplifier AD-7300PA+ and The 5-channel power amplifier AD-5100PA+ can easily build a 7.2.4 large-scale immersive three-dimensional sound system. For the audio setting and adjustment functions that users care about, AD-7300HD has greatly improved compared with the past. It has joined the room EQ intelligent acoustic correction system. It only needs to cooperate with the special T-2 test microphone, and the system will It can automatically adjust various parameters, including automatic testing and compensation of spectral characteristics, automatic testing and compensation of loudness of each channel, automatic testing and compensation of distance of each channel. In terms of manual adjustment, it is equipped with intuitive parameter and graphical EQ adjustment functions, with 11 segments for the left, center, and right front channels, 5 segments for the surround and sky channels, and 5 segments for the subwoofer channel, allowing users to have more detailed The adjustment space of the room frequency response curve. In terms of materials, AD-7300HD is also very particular. Not only the fuselage uses aluminum alloy brushed panel, and adopts anodic oxidation treatment, but also uses four-layer immersion gold circuit board and advanced DSP processing chip in the circuit board to ensure Stable and smooth running for a long time.

In terms of video, the AD-7300HD has a 6-in, 2-out HDMI 2.0 interface, which supports 4K UHD ultra-high-definition Blu-ray and many HDR high dynamic range video formats. In addition, the back of the AD-7300HD body also has RS232, IR infrared, 5V trigger and other interfaces, which can be integrated with various mainstream intelligent central control systems.


Recommended models for home theater preamplifiers/surround sound processors:

● Dolby Atmos karaoke processor AD-7300HD

● Dolby Atmos 13 channels AV processor AT-300

Dolby Atmos 11 channels audio processor AT-200


Recommended models of pure power amplifiers for home theater:

● 2100W 7 channels power audio amplifier AD-7300PA+

● audio power amplifier 11 channels AD-8300PA

● 5 ch best AV amplifier AD-5100PA+

● 7 ch home use amplifier AD-7100PA

● dual channels 1000W amplifier AD-2500


Recommended integrated home theater amplifier/ AV receiver models:

● Dolby Atmos 1000W 7 ch av receiver AT-2300

● DTS:X 7.3.4 best AVR AT-3000 

● Dolby Atmos home theatre amplifier AT-2000 

● Home theatre 9 ch Dolby Atmos receiver AT-2900

● 7 ch atmos receiver AT-2700

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