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Tonewinner 11 ch home theater theatre audio best pure power amplifier

AD-8300PA is an 11 channels high power audio home theater amplifier with special output power design, which offers 320W/8Ω for left, right & center channels,  and 150W/8Ω for the other eight channels. It takes the advantages of different circuits to achieve low distortion and low power consumption, and works better in home theater with high sound pressure & dynamic range.As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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11 Channels High Power Amplifier

Smart Power Output Design

With 320W Rms/8Ω, 1kHz, THD=3% for left, right & center channels and 150W Rms/8Ω, 1kHz,

THD=3% for other eight channels, it supports a total of 2,160W output power and makes good use of Class H and Class AB circuits to reduce distortion and power consumption.

Five Circuit Protections

It adopts five types of circuit protections to make sure safe operation and long-term reliable working.

5V Trigger

It supports 5 volts trigger in & out to connect with other devices to achieve smart synchronous control.

3000W Digital Power Supply

It supports up to 3,000 watts switched mode power supply to ensure powerful driving for multiple entertainments including dynamic movies and music.

11 CH Independent Amp Circuits

It adopts independent Hi-Fi circuit modules for all 11 channels, which works with high power transistors to offer 45A current output.

Overcurrent Protector

The overcurrent protector of the back panel is designed to avoid damage from overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit. Just press the protector button for fast restoration after tripping.

Air Cooling System

It adopt fans air blowing to dissipate heat and expand the lifetime of components for long term service.

Hi-Fi Circuit

It adopts classic differential circuits which do good characteristics of low distortion, low noise and high dynamic range to represent trilling scenes.

Balance/Unbalance Input

It supports both RCA and XLR inputs to connect to more devices for different entertainment including movies, music, singing and gaming.

More Details

Setup Recommendation





Rated impedance
8 ohms
≥110dB(A weight)
Unit gain
≤0.03%(1KHZ, normal working condition)
Unit size
Power output/channel
300W*3+155W*8 (8Ω,THD=1%,1KHz)
Frequency range
Aluminum alloy
Manual, guarantee card, power cord and signal wire
Applicable places
Living rooms, custom installation, experience rooms, clubs, K auditions and other high-end audio-visual rooms.


AD-8300PA is eleven channels amplifier that specially designed to use with AV or multil channel preamps. It is a high end amplifier, it can be applied as both home theater and HiFi. Its sound quality is extremely outstanding.


Function of amplifier 11 channels

*11 independent amplifier circuit modules, low distortion, high speed and high fidelity
*It has the memory of power-off in the state of power-on, and has four fan temperature control and wind speed control program
*Support power output 3*300Watt+8*155Watt 8ohm
*FL,FR,C channels use high power design
*It has a perfect amplifier protection circuit and power protection circuit

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