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Tonewinner wholesale karaoke bookshelf home theater speakers

We have purposefully developed a special large bookshelf speaker for the home theater.It should be said that "BL-1" has done a good job in this respect.We try our best to match the effect of singing karoka and listening to HiFi music to a very high level.As the 10 - Inch subwoofer has a lot of bass, it is also quite cool to watch the two channel films, and even in the 20-40 - square meter room, even without a subwoofer, it has a fairly best shock effect. As a top 10 audio brand in China, Tonewinner has 30+ years experience in designing and manufacturing acoustic products. As an original supplier, Tonewinner always warmly welcomes distributors, partners and customers around the world.

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Karaoke Speaker

Voice of you, up to you.

3-way 4-unit Design

It adopts three types of in total of four speaker units, which cones are made of special materials and by delicate technique to bring bright treble, bloat mid-range and sonorous bass.

Two 3-inch Tweeters for Sound Enforcement

The tweeter units are made of voice coil with good intensity, thin but tenacious cone and large magnet, which bring higher sensitivity and extension of high frequency. With the DSP adjustment of frequency response curve, the high frequency can extend to 18kHz to bring brighter treble.

4-inch Mid-range Unit

It adopts elastic surround and durable cone to bring bloat mid-range sound.


10-inch Bass Unit

The bass unit adopts a big magnet and has wide low frequency and high elasticity to meet with high sound pressure. It can bring you enough low frequency without a subwoofer.

Crossover Design

The high-mid pass adopts a filter made of Metallized Polypropylene Film (MKP) capacitors. The bass path is a filter made of professional non-pole capacitor and large oxygen-free copper (OFC) inductance coil.

Black and Red Classic Design

It adopts matte mahogany-like boards on

sides to bring classic black and

red design and special touching feeling.

Durable Materials for Solid Cabinet

15mm MDF boards of high intensity on left, right and rear sides and

18mm MDF board on the front constitute the solid cabinet and reduce vibration.

The surface is painted with eco-friendly layer and polished to present sleek linear. 


One Set for Home Entertainment

To bring theater home, you just need one set of it.

Setup Recommendation

AD-300K Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier

Multiple Connections

AD-300K handles optical, coaxial, analog, USB disk, TF card and Bluetooth, and is compatible with most devices. One way speaker out, one way subwoofer out and one way pre-out to meet your needs.

Original Music App


Input Power: Rated Power: 120W, Maxium Power: 200W
Rated Impedance: 6Ω 
Sensitivity: ≥94dB
Frequency Range: 48Hz--18KHz
Speaker Units: 10''+4''+2x3''
Size: 300×534×266mm(D*W*H)
G.W: 31KG

Maximum power
Rated impedance
Frequency Response 48Hz--18KHz
Unit Size
/ /




Function of karaoke speakers


1. Appearance characteristics

  • BL-1 box is surrounded by expensive imported rosewood real veneer, and the upper part of the front panel is coated with a special process to make the box more dignified and extravagant. In addition to being able to be placed on a special audio stand, we also designed a hangable hook on the back.


2. Process design

  • Bailing No. 1 is a speaker specially designed for Bailing No. 1 karaoke. The speaker uses a super long-stroke woofer with a 10-inch large voice coil, a 4-inch midrange speaker and two 3-inch tweeters. The speakers form a three-way four-unit large bookshelf sound with strong power tolerance, high sensitivity, and a very good sense of presence and shock.


3. Main function statement

  • For a set of speakers, listening to music and singing karaoke are two very different functions. The requirements for listening to music equipment must be high fidelity, and the sensitivity of the speakers is moderate, not too low (too low is not easy to promote) , and not too high (too high to control). Generally speaking, the ideal sensitivity of traditional high-fidelity speakers for home use should be controlled between 85db--90db, while the sensitivity of professional speakers for singing karaoke should be between 90db--100db, which is a big difference.


  • We do our best to make the effect of singing karaoke and listening to high-fidelity music compatible to a high level. Moreover, the 10-inch bass has abundant bass, and it also has a good effect when watching two-channel movies. Even without a subwoofer in a room of 20-40 square meters, it has a very good shock effect.




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