What new models will Tonewinner have in 2023 Jan 04 , 2023

What new power amps will Tonewinner have in 2023


AT-3000 Dolby Atmos AV Receiver 9.3.4/7.3.6 decoding channels built in 11 channels amplifier------Click to get more details



  1. Model: AT-3000
  2. Rated impedance: 8Ω
  3. Rated power output: L/R/C: 240w Rms/8Ω(THD=1%, 1CH driven, 1kHz), other channels: 120W Rms/8Ω (THD=1%,1CH driven,1kHz)
  4. Distortion: ≤0.03% (A-weighled, pure mode,1kHz)
  5. Frequency response: 10Hz-50kHz(+/1-3dB, pure mode)
  6. Gain: ≥38dB (pure mode)
  7. SN: ≥95dB (A-weighted,pure mode)
  8. Power: AC110-115V~/60Hz or AC 220-230V~/ 50Hz
  9. Net weight: 22.1kg
  10. Gross weight: 25kg
  11. Unit size: 431*439*218mm
  12. Package size: 550×534×319mm


AD-99D Hi-Fi dual channels integrated power stereo amplifier------Click to get more details 



AT-2900 9 channels 1080 watts Dolby Atmos home theater audio video receiver------Click to get more details



AT-2700 7 channels 840 watts 4K/60Hz HDMI2.1 Bluetooth Dolby Atmos AVR------Click to get more details


AD-8300PA 11 channels high power pure amplifier audio amps for home theater------Click to get more details

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  1. AT-3000 11 ch Dolby AVR
  2. AD-99D stereo hifi amplifier
  3. AT-2900 9 ch Dolby AVR
  4. AT-2700 7 ch Dolby AVR
  5. AD-8300PA 11 ch home theatre pure amplifier


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