Tonewinner production process of power amplifier is widely disclosed! Sep 13 , 2022

Tonewinner production process of power amplifier is widely disclosed!

As we all know, a power amplifier needs to go through hundreds of processes from production research and development to the market, and Tianyi workshop produces and operates day and night, and only delivers products to dealers and customers on time!

Today, you might as well walk into Tianyi's HD-3100 production workshop with me, and feel the swords and lights in the machine's operation room and the flowing water in the production room.

In the era of "intelligent manufacturing", Tianyi replaces semi-automatic production with high-tech and high-reliable automated production lines as the mainstream productivity. The SMT dust-free workshop has fully realized the automatic welding and automatic placement of circuit boards, thereby effectively improving the reliability of products. and stability.

1. Intelligent manufacturing, big factory quality

After being tempered in the SMT workshop, the highly integrated four-layer immersion gold circuit board of the HD-3100 has neatly arranged precision electronic devices like a fine army array, which is spectacular. The chip has a pleasing style of a big factory. The production of micro-automatic SMT process technology has extremely high standardization and reliability, which eliminates the occurrence of virtual welding and missing welding, and the failure rate is very small, which is by no means comparable to ordinary small factories!




2. The process is clear and the quality is controlled

Walking into the assembly workshop, the busy atmosphere is overwhelming. Each employee has his own workstation, and the responsibilities of each type of work are clearly divided. The assembly in the factory is neat and everything is carried out in an orderly manner.

The entire HD-3100 assembly process is relatively complex, including assembly, performance, safety, aging, audition, packaging and other links. Every process is strictly controlled to ensure production quality.

After the circuit board assembly of each part of the parts is completed, an initial quality control inspection is required by IQC to ensure product quality and make the quality system continue to be effective.


During the assembly process, it can be seen that the super-power giant ring cow occupies one side. The entire internal structure is compact and orderly. Various circuit boards and electronic devices are closely placed. The space utilization rate is extremely high, which shows Tianyi's solid materials and Very high level of craftsmanship.



After the assembly inspection is the whole debugging process of the HD-3100.


It's a process of finding problems, fixing them, and troubleshooting. QA checks whether the various functions of the power amplifier can be used normally by connecting the various interfaces on the backplane of the power amplifier, tests the technical indicators of the whole machine, and records and analyzes the data performance. This part is initially operated manually, but whether the test passes or not is completely subject to the equipment parameters to ensure that the production products are completely consistent.

After completing all the previous procedures, it is a 96-hour aging test.


This is a reliability test method to control the production quality in the production process. It accelerates the physical and chemical reaction processes inside the components through the combined effect of electrical and thermal stress, and timely discovers the problems that cause early batch defects in production, and achieves elimination. Purpose of early failure products.


The amplifier is the "heart" of a sound system. After the 96-hour burn-in test, the quality inspection of the power amplifier has come to a very important part, that is, the sound audition inspection.


Professional sound test inspectors will connect the power amplifier to test whether the picture and music are playing normally, whether the microphone radio is normal, and so on.

After the sound quality inspection, the QA sampling inspection before storage is completed, and each batch of products will be sampled. The power amplifier is actually operated by QA and simulates daily use; once a problem is found, it will be returned to the manufacturing process for "rebuild" and the root cause of the problem will be found.

After all the production tests have passed, the packaging is put into storage. In addition to power amplifiers, there are various product accessories. This process needs to be very careful and careful to avoid problems such as appearance scratches and missing accessories. Tianyi also paid great attention to the packaging. A full foam shock absorption layer was placed in the box, which can effectively prevent the amplifier from being damaged by bumps during transportation.

In the end, 1000 sets of HD-3100 amplifiers were successfully put into the warehouse and delivered and sold on schedule!







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