Smart life exchange meeting Oct 07 , 2022

On October 27th, hosted by Wesson Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Egray Technology, Boyu Technology, Shimei Le Technology and ToneWinner Electronics Chengdu Tianfu Software Park D5 Inspiration Cafe was successfully held. The wonderful exchange content aroused strong interest in everyone, and the venue was full. It can be seen from this that everyone has great expectations for the future development of the smart audio-visual industry.

First of all, Zhao Dan, Chairman of Wesson Intelligence, gave a welcome speech to express a warm welcome to all the guests and participants, and made a brief introduction to Wesson Intelligence for holding this event.

Next, Chen Xiaoxiao, editor-in-chief of Audiovisual China, Cheng Tinghong, general manager of Weisen Intelligent, Chen Yong, CTO technical director of Egray Technology, Li Chao, marketing director of Weisen Intelligent, Huang Di, CTO technical director of Shanghai Boyu Technology, and Shimei Le Technology Li Jiaxin, assistant to the general manager of the TV business department, Zhang Dan, deputy general manager of the TV business department of Seemel Technology, and Tao Mingming, the sales manager of ToneWinner Electronics, also took the stage to make speeches.

Mr. Tao Mingming briefly described the development of ToneWinner Audio in the past 25 years, and analyzed the development of intelligent audio and video in audio in the future. He said that ToneWinner has been mainly producing Hi-Fi audio, home theater, and customized private theater equipment for villas over the years. In the 25 years of accumulation, it has formed a certain style and has a part of customer groups. The concept of "smart audio and video" is more because the user group has given it some imagination beyond the audio itself, or as an entrance to home intelligence. In the future, it will surpass some of the attributes of the audio itself, and the Internet, other Home appliances are more tightly integrated. Of course, ToneWinner will also do in-depth thinking and research and development in this regard. The realization of Dolby Atmos living room theater is the first step taken by ToneWinner.

       At the end of the exchange meeting, a lottery session was held. Prizes include

       First prize: a set of Weisen intelligent audio-visual central control system (valued at 6,000 yuan)

       Second prize: One Egreat A10 Pro hard disk player (worth 3980 yuan)

       The third prize: a pair of ToneWinner Audio EP-01 fashion headphones (worth 1280 yuan)

       Congratulations to the winners!


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