Tonewinner 30th Anniversary celebration, congratulations! Aug 06 , 2022


On the evening of August 6, 2022, Guangzhou Tonewinner Electronics Co., Ltd. organized a 30th anniversary celebration for all employees. All employees of the company gathered together to celebrate the anniversary feast.

During the meeting, Mr. Li Zhi, general manager of Tonewinner Audio, gave heartfelt thanks and commendation to the old employees who have worked in Tonewinner for 15 years or more, reviewed the hard work and development process in the past 30 years, and described the next three years. Ten years of Tonewinner's development blueprint, I hope Tonewinner Audio can reach a higher level in the future!



In the first half of the year, the international situation was complicated and volatile. The risks and challenges faced by the development of the world economy continued to rise, and the supply of energy and high-tech chips was limited. The epidemic situation in various parts of the country continued, and everyone in the audio-visual industry was in danger, crises and challenges. Constantly, the situation is even worse than in previous years.

And Tonewinner Audio, who is 30 years old, is singing against the wind in the global audio and video market full of crisis and challenges. In the year of 2022, all Tonewinner people worked together and worked hard to submit an excellent answer sheet for the first half of 2022.

In the segmented market, Tonewinner's sales of AV products and Hi-Fi products have increased significantly, which is inseparable from the national entertainment audio and video habits and needs, and is in line with the company's development direction of the company's strategy of building the "three highs" first audio brand; It also proves that Tonewinner's brand awareness has been further improved, and its market share in the mid-to-high-end market has been further increased. This year, Tonewinner also continued to adhere to the strategic direction of "integration of shadows and K", and successfully launched products such as AT-2000 panoramic sound and shadow K power amplifier, Tianjiao K8 home theater speaker set, etc., which were highly recognized by the market and users.

Recalling the glorious years of the past, thirty years are just a snap. Tonewinner Audio has grown from Chengdu, the land of abundance, to Guangzhou, the forefront of reform and opening up. There is a long road ahead, Tonewinner will work with everyone to set sail and make great achievements!

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