Tonewinner intelligent production for amplifiers and speakers Jun 16 , 2022

Tonewinner intelligent production for amplifiers and speakers

Today, Tonewinner has become a national high-tech enterprise with DOLBY-ATMOS (Dolby Atmos), DTS:X (immersive sound effects), HDMI2.1 technology certification and authorization, and is a global core audio-visual technology standard setter. important partner. It is also the supporter of mid-to-high-end audio products. The products developed by it have been highly recognized by millions of users in dozens of countries and regions around the world.

Tonewinner adopts automatic circuit board production system, automatic patch welding equipment and automatic high-precision visual printing machine, which are the most important components of Tonewinner production system. Replace semi-automatic production with high-tech, high-reliable automated production lines as the mainstream productivity to realize automated soldering and automated placement of circuit boards, thereby effectively improving product reliability and stability.

The German AUTOTRONIK integrated circuit placement machine is the main equipment of the SMT dust-free production workshop, which can attach the components to the designated pad position with high speed and high precision. This link is a very "hard core" in SMT production. It not only requires superb technology, but also because the placement machine occupies a large part of the total cost of SMT processing and production.

High-speed lead-free full hot air reflow soldering machine, the heat transfer efficiency of this technology is relatively high, which can effectively prevent false soldering, false soldering, and missing soldering during the soldering process, and minimize the misoperation caused by human operation.

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