Tonewinner TY-B04 multi-function bluetooth speaker - the volume is getting smaller and smaller, but the quality remains the same Sep 20 , 2022

Tonewinner TY-B04 multi-function bluetooth speaker


Tonewinner finally accelerated the launch of portable bluetooth speakers this year. In the first half of the year, the TY-B03 with built-in battery was launched, and the new TY-B04 was launched in the second half of the year. tonewinner now has four wireless speakers, including the W01 that supports wireless networks, and the B02, B03, and B04 that support Bluetooth. Tip: W in front of the model number means WIFI, and B means Bluetooth.

TY-B04 is a speaker with built-in battery, and its volume is a MINI compared to its predecessors. tonewinner positioned this speaker as a multi-function Bluetooth speaker. My understanding is that the focus is on "multi-function". The product features are listed on the package: Bluetooth connection, APP control, USB DAC, long standby, TF playback, small and portable.

The size of TY-B04 is 86x86x188mm. Although it is a MINI model, the weight of the product is not light, reaching 0.8kg. The speakers are available in black and gray, and the accessories include a USB cable and a 3M glue. Can you guess what this is for?

The speaker is a cuboid, and the front end is a black metal grille with tonewinner LOGO printed on it. This is also the front of the speaker. The speaker box is a whole piece of alloy metal processed by CNC. After using the wire drawing process, it feels very good. Seeing this shape reminds me of the SMSL M300 decoder, a large metal brick.

The front and side of the speaker are very simple, and turning to the back is a completely different feeling. Here is a collection of Mini USB interface, TF card slot, LCD screen, and buttons for power start, audio source mode, track switching, volume adjustment, etc.

This mini speaker bluetooth has a built-in 2600mAh battery, and the official said that it takes 3 hours to fully charge with a 5V/2A charger. I actually measured that it took about 3 hours and 15 minutes to start charging after shutting down, which is not much different. Press the button to turn it on, and the display will display different contents according to the current operation. For example, pressing the volume button will display the volume.

From the comparison between TY-B04 and Meizu 16s, it can be seen that the volume of the speaker is indeed very small. I prefer the way the speakers are placed vertically, which is more in line with my impression of the speakers. But this can only be imagined, erection will block the phase guide hole, and the speaker will not be oriented correctly, and the sense of hearing will be poor. The 3M glue mentioned above is actually used to stick to the side of the speaker to prevent the desktop from scratching the cabinet when the speaker is placed horizontally.

Maybe the first time I connected to Bluetooth, I felt like the sound quality was locked in a box and couldn't come out, but after I changed the TF card, I felt like I changed a speaker, the sound was pure and clear, and the sound level Much better, this is the true level of tonewinner speakers. Tonewinner TY-B04, as a 3-inch full-range small speaker, is obviously boasting how good the sound quality is. Compared with B02 and B03, this bass is much worse. Compared with products of the same type, at this size and price, its quality is indeed much better than most portable speakers. Although the speakers are small, the loudness is good at full volume, and there is no obvious distortion even when the volume is turned up to the highest.


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