Can bluetooth speakers talk about sound quality? Sep 20 , 2022

Can bluetooth speakers wireless talk about sound quality? 


Some highlights of tonewinner TY-B03's new hifi sound quality speaker introduction are exactly what I expected before, and I am very looking forward to the performance of this product. Now that the speaker has been used for more than half a month, I have a better understanding of the performance of the product. I can talk to you about this speaker.

The aluminum alloy box is matched with a steel grille, giving people a very classic feel, and the front display is still made of acrylic. The one-piece aluminum alloy box adopts the wire drawing process, and the curved corners are also polished, which is exquisite, delicate but not greasy.

I believe that many people will be very surprised when they see the interface behind the speaker. I didn’t expect that a desktop speaker bluetooth would have so many interfaces. In addition to Bluetooth wireless connection, it also supports analog, coaxial, optical, HDMI, USB Audio, TF/U disk and other methods. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a Bluetooth speaker with the most complete interfaces, and implements the concept of All in one very thoroughly. TY-B03 can be plugged in or powered by the built-in 2600mAh lithium battery.

Like the previous W01 and B02, the TY-B03 adopts a 2.1-channel design, with 2-inch full-range speakers on both sides and a 3-inch semi-loose-pressed paper cone woofer at the bottom. The three channels of the B03 speaker are independent closed cavities, which can reduce the interference between the channels and make the sound more pure. The left and right channels of many Bluetooth speakers are connected, and the Papu Hires Muse Hub I use uses a similar design.

Just looking at the picture, you will think that the TY-B03 is relatively large. Compared with the Meizu 16s mobile phone, you can see that the speaker is not large. Speaker size: length 260mm* width 173mm* height 77mm, and the weight reaches 2.7kg.

Compared with Baipu Hires Muse Hub, tonewinner TY-B03 is just thicker. However, the two are completely different in use. The TY-B03 is traditionally placed horizontally, and the Hires Muse Hub is erected. Although the TY-B03 is officially advertised as a portable Bluetooth speaker, this guy with a lot of volume does not have a handle, so it is really not portable.

The display screen of TY-B03 is smaller than that of B02, and the buttons are also reduced from 7 to 4, which can realize functions such as shutdown, play/pause, audio source selection, volume adjustment, etc. Compared with B02, there is less bass adjustment.

Both the TY-B02 and TY-B03 speakers have a power of 60 watts, and the official price is also 1680 yuan. What is the difference in the positioning of the two products? The most obvious difference is that the B03 is smaller and has a built-in battery. When I reviewed the B02 last year, I put forward the expectation to see the appearance of portable products with built-in batteries. B02 is a 4-inch woofer with a rear port; B03 is a 3-inch woofer with a port on the front. The B03 requires less space for placement and is more suitable for near-field listening.

TY-B03 also has an alarm clock function, which can be realized in the mode of inserting the TF card. The mobile app is common to tonewinner, and the interface has not been improved, but the interface displayed by connecting different models will be slightly different. The biggest function of the app is that it can switch the audio source and select the track when playing local music files. TY-B03 supports common music formats such as APE, flac, WAM, MP3, AAC, etc., and has powerful local playback capabilities.

Some people say that what sound quality does a Bluetooth speaker require, just listen to it. The reason for this is that on the one hand, the Bluetooth speakers are all integrated, and the volume is not very large; another factor is that Bluetooth is a lossy transmission, which is inherently insufficient compared to wired. tonewinner currently has three wireless speakers. In fact, they cannot be regarded as bluetooth speakers. If you want to truly exert their strength, you still need to connect them through a wired connection.


The three songs that the reviewers used for testing mentioned on the B03 promotional page happened to be my favorites, so I will use these songs to express my feelings. tonewinner speakers have a characteristic: the sound is stable, the timbre is pure, and the noise floor is very small. B03's voice is not rendered, whether it is Meav's clear female voice or Song Dongye's deep voice, they are very enduring. The separation of the sound is very good, and the details of the soundtrack and the vocals can be clearly distinguished. For a simple example, when listening to piano music, you can hear from the sound of the B03 that the keys are emitted from different positions, while most Bluetooth speakers will only hear the reverberation on the same horizontal line. By default, the bass has been opened to about 80%. Compared with the larger unit B02, the volume and strength are not as good.

Built-in large-capacity battery, playback time can reach 10 hours, and charging only takes 2.5 hours, which is the biggest advantage of B03 compared to B02. The standby power consumption of the B03 is very low. After I use it, I just stand by and listen to music for an hour every day, so I can charge it about once a week.

As the master of the All in one solution, tonewinner TY-B03 speakers are a bit wasteful only to listen to music. Since I had a baby at home, I have disposed of the 2.0 speakers that were originally connected to the TV - I was afraid of being scratched or smashed. Now watching a variety show, TV series or something, connecting to the B03 is better than the sound that comes with the TV. promote. Last year, a netizen asked me to recommend a wireless speaker with a price of 1,000 yuan suitable for desktop. If asked now, I would definitely recommend the B03. Because the USB Audio of this speaker comes with a DAC, there is no need to buy an additional sound card. The near-field use is not as good as the traditional separate 2.1 speakers except that the channel separation is not as good as the traditional separate 2.1 speakers, the effect is still very good, the key is that it does not take up space.

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