Tonewinner bookshelf TD-2 speakers run with AD-66D Hi-Fi integrated amplifier,nice sound quality Sep 13 , 2022

Tonewinner bookshelf TD-2 speakers run with AD-66D Hi-Fi integrated amplifier,nice sound quality


As a headphone enthusiast, I know that sooner or later I will abandon headphones and go to the arms of audio. I personally think that in addition to being portable, the other "popular" reason for headphones is because it meets the listening needs of young people.


But with the increase of age, it is not safe to listen to songs with headphones all the year round, and the older you get, the less chance you have to listen to your inner world in a room alone. After entering the thirties, men can ask themselves how long it has been since they have examined their hearts. Can they still upload a log to a space or blog now?


Obviously, as long as people who love music, when they get older, they find that it is difficult to be moved by music in terms of loneliness, loneliness, and sadness. The souls of mortals always die before they grow old. When I was young, I listened to rock music and felt that all the farts in the world were nothing. When I got older, I realized that I was nothing.


So before I felt that I was not old, I also tried to use audio consciously or not, not only to protect my hearing, but also to prepare for a rainy day in the face of the increasingly mediocre soul.


So for those 1,000 or 2,000 yuan speakers, I always feel that it is not only for the first burn, but for those "mortals" who are under the pressure of survival and want to keep that little soul.

▲ When it comes to Tonewinner Audio, the most famous one is definitely the Tongdi series. I used to think that it should be very expensive as Tonewinner’s representative work, but the S2 price is only 1799 yuan. The solid wood style is quite suitable.

▲ After disassembling the mask, you can see that the top is a 1-inch audiophile-grade silk membrane tweeter, and the bottom is a 6.5-inch composite paper cone mid-low unit. I am not the only unit. The common point of playing audio and playing headphones is that they both pay attention to system matching, but in terms of the structure of the machine itself, the audio is obviously full of more design connotations, so sometimes watching other people's sharing is more enjoyable than playing by yourself.

▲The side display of the fuselage, the heavy fuselage should not be less than 10 pounds; some people say that the box body is better on the bracket with foot nails

▲The terminal of the input port is very delicate, and the official said that it is pure copper gold-plated. I specially read the manual here, and there are important reminders: turn off the power amplifier before plugging and unplugging the cable, and do not plug or unplug the cable when the system is working.

The appearance of the AD-66D is quite decent, generous and upright, and the black body is actually made of metal. It is estimated that the front panel is deliberately set off. There are only three buttons on the front panel of the fuselage, the two on the left are the power and switch/pause buttons, and the other side of the VFD display is the multi-function knob. the USB jack is well received on the front of the fuselage, because it may be placed on the back when it is against the wall be careful.

▲Detailed display, the power button is more protruding. In fact, it has a remote control board, but the remote control board does not support switching the machine.

▲The metal knob is displayed, it has a sense of scale when it is rotated. when it is pressed, it can be used as a multi-function button to select the sound source.

▲ There are many interfaces on the back of the fuselage, but those who know it feel that it is nothing, because there are mainly two types of interfaces: output and input. In addition to the four speaker output holes, the output terminal also has SW-OUT bass signal output and PRE OUT line signal output; there are more input terminals, such as USB PC audio input, ARC input, TF card input, AMP IN power amplifier input, CD Input, DVD input, AUX input. The input method represents its interactive gameplay. In addition, it also supports Bluetooth transmission. The abundance of input methods was a factor in my selection of the AD66D in the first place.

▲Show the details, by the way, the architecture of this amplifier. Because I don't understand architecture knowledge very well, I will cite official information. The input stage adopts the differential balance input mode, and the voltage amplifier stage adopts the cascode and constant current source load; the input stage adopts the super-class bias technology to eliminate the switching distortion of the output tube. Because I have heard Xuelin's pure Class A player before, I was deeply impressed by the sound, so when I saw AD66D's super Class A player, I felt that I would not overturn the car.

▲Finally, let’s talk about the sense of hearing. I feel that the essence of this set is still in the super class A power amplifier AD66D. The opening sound is quite amazing. The overall style is clean, full and natural. There are still many suitable styles. The sound quality of TF card and Bluetooth is quite different. Because the body of the power amplifier is too large, it is convenient to insert the TF card, and the sound quality is enough to satisfy me, so the following listening experience is mainly based on the lossless music of the TF card.

The low frequency gives me a very natural feeling, and I don't feel that the depth of the dive, the strength, or any point of prominence. According to the principle of wooden barrels, each model is very balanced, the overall stretch, you will also feel the thick, soft but continuous sound bottom, the separation of the instruments is quite good, the details of the bass drum are particularly obvious, the elasticity is outstanding, and the overtones are natural. The whole is loose and atmospheric, with distinct layers, and the sound field is relatively solid.




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