Tonewinner latest Hi-Fi cinema set speaker "TJ-K8" trial and review Sep 21 , 2022

Tonewinner latest Hi-Fi cinema set speaker "TJ-K8" trial and review

Tonewinner's latest high-fidelity cinema set large speaker set "TJ-K8" was born under this social background. It has attracted much attention because of its height, fatness, online appearance, powerful sound, high quality and low price. Therefore, I sincerely invite interested friends to follow me to have a detailed understanding of this new product of Tonewinner Audio "TJ-K8" home theater set speakers.

TJ-K8 is a home theater speaker set specially developed and newly created by Tonewinner, a first-line audio brand in China, in response to the needs of the market. can form a 5.1-channel sound system). The set consists of a pair of Tianjiao-K8T (left and right) main speakers, a Tianjiao-K8C center speaker, a pair of Tianjiao-K8S surround speakers, and an additional active subwoofer to form a 5.1-channel family. Cinema set speakers, (you can also add a pair of rear surround speakers to the 5.1 set to form a 7.1-channel home theater set speaker). The set of speakers chooses to have a good performance in "home theater" and karaoke. In particular, its own advantage is that the main speaker box is sturdy and huge, and the super configuration of the four-unit three-way double 8-inch bass main speaker inherits the HI-FI gene of Tonewinner, without losing the majestic and powerful sound of professional stage speakers! Power tolerance is super!

In my impression, Tonewinner's speakers are all classical models represented by Tongdi No. 2. The elegant and low-key mahogany color has a full retro charm. But this time I was sent a trial review of a very simple and dignified red walnut color. The volume of 1115 x 310 x 260 mm (H x D x W) is not only tall and powerful, but also the straight line and hard edge design of the cabinet give people a spirited impression. You seem to have the feeling of a small iron tower!

The box is made of pine wood fiber high-density board produced in Russia. The thickness of the front panel of the box is 25 mm, and the thickness of the side panel of the box is also 18 mm. At the same time, several MDF stiffeners are reinforced in the box. Make it weigh 24kg! In order to further reduce the miniaturized internal box resonance and standing wave reflection, the box is repeatedly tested and adjusted by a strict acoustic tester in a professional anechoic chamber, and the box resonance cavity is filled with appropriate sound absorption. cotton. In order to create the most ideal acoustic environment for speakers.

The tweeter of TJ-K8T is a 25.4 mm high-density PEI material dome membrane tweeter, which is a tweeter HI-FI unit specially customized by Tonewinner in a famous speaker factory. PEI (polyetherimide) is made into a natural silk dome sound membrane through a special process. PEI is more heat-resistant, flame-retardant, and has better toughness and strength than natural silkworms. It is suitable for high-power production. The loudspeaker loudspeaker unit has the same sound characteristics as natural silk: that is, the treble is soft, delicate and smooth, has a good sense of hearing, and is more pleasing to people's ears. There are often enthusiasts who say that a certain speaker has strong treble penetrating power. The sound pressure is super strong and the sound quality is delicate and pleasant, which refers to this silk-membrane dome tweeter. In order to strengthen the scattering and conduction of the speaker, TJ-K8T specially designed a special waveguide surface on the waveguide surface of the speaker to optimize the surface and form a wide range of horn amplification effects, thus greatly enhancing the sound transmission, high frequency compliance and high frequency of this tweeter unit. Extending it, the penetrating power of the sound is significantly enhanced, the sense of hearing is more delicate, and the analytical power is significantly improved. Coupled with the high-performance super-strong neodymium magnetic system to drive the enhanced power output, its electro-acoustic conversion efficiency has been improved. There is an integrated aluminum alloy heat dissipation body, so that the tweeter can still maintain good fidelity under higher power and greater sound pressure, and play clean, delicate and transparent treble. In addition, the dome itself has a built-in anti-damage protective layer that automatically returns to its original shape after a slight press. It can well cooperate with the mid-bass unit to create a good hearing frequency range of 38 - 20.000 Hz!

TJ-K8T's 5-inch mid-range speaker is a typical paper cone speaker. The unit diaphragm is made of natural kraft paper cone as the base material, which is covered with a layer of high damping glue and a mixture of natural minerals. The solid rigidity and hardness also ensure the light weight of the vibration cone, so as to improve the damping and strength of the speaker during operation, so that the speaker unit can send and receive freely under the drive of the signal, with lower distortion, better transient, and better sound quality. More delicate and sweet. These features are similar to those of the famous Army bulletproof cloth speaker basin, which is most suitable for playing large-scale war movie blockbusters with super shocking effect and playing dance music and rock dance music with full and powerful midrange sound pressure. Careful friends also noticed that this midrange speaker is still made of cast aluminum frame, thick-diameter oxygen-free copper wire voice coil and high-temperature alloy skeleton, as well as natural high-level magnetic steel to ensure that the speaker is playing back music. Good sound reproduction.

In order to further strengthen the power bearing capacity of K8T, further expand the lower limit of low frequency, and enhance the texture, volume, elasticity and diving depth of low frequency, the main speaker of K8T adopts the design of genuine dual 8-inch mid-woofer speakers, which expands the performance of the speakers. The area of ​​the vibrating cone enhances the mid-frequency texture, volume and low-frequency lower limit response, which is the basic reason why TJ-K8 speakers have super power tolerance, strong sound pressure, and low-frequency rich and rolling like thunder in midsummer.

The dual 8-inch mid-bass speakers are made of natural vibrating cone materials with even and natural sound frequency distribution, and a layer of high-damping glue and a mixture of natural minerals is pressed on it. Not only the internal damping is quite ideal, but the strength is also greatly improved, and the distortion is better. Low, transients are better, and the sound quality is more delicate and sweet. The main body of the speaker adopts a cast aluminum frame with good heat dissipation, a large-diameter 5N oxygen-free copper wire, a high-temperature-resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy skeleton, an ultra-long-stroke large-diameter voice coil, a giant natural super-strong permanent magnet steel, and a high-grade soft as eyelid. The high-tech materials such as the natural rubber elastic wave suspension system, etc., make the speaker not only the sound quality is mellow and mellow, the music background is clean and transparent, the damping coefficient is high, the transient is good, and the sound is sent and received freely, and it will never be sloppy.

From a technical point of view, the crossover system of TJ-K8T is a typical third-order Barthes filter, using high-quality MKP capacitors and oxygen-free copper inductors; It is made of special electrodeless capacitors and oxygen-free copper thick wire diameter inductors for speakers. In the design process, the frequency divider is precisely tested, analyzed and adjusted with audio instruments in a special audio anechoic room to ensure that the frequency divider can fuse each frequency band very well, and the phase distortion is also reduced. Arrived very small. And the tall box also fully guarantees the necessary volume of the acoustic system. The rear-inverted acoustic structure is also more conducive to the placement of the speakers. For example, when the speaker has to be placed close to the wall due to the limited room conditions, the low-frequency sound quality may be turbid. At this time, the foam plug can be used to plug the phase port to turn the speaker into a closed mode to compensate for the impact caused by the wall. The high bass gain makes the low frequency condensed, clear and powerful, and the phase port behind the speaker will not affect the appearance of the speaker, which brings convenience for practical use. Overall, the craftsmanship of the TJ-8T speakers is quite good.

Main speakers Specification:

Speaker unit: 1-inch tweeter + 5-inch midrange + 8-inch double mid-bass

Frequency Response: 38 - 22.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

Sensitivity: 85 dB (2,83 V/1 m)

Rated impedance: 4Ω

Carrying power: 50-220W power

Main speaker single net weight: 24 kg

TJ-K8C center speaker:

For a complete set of home theater speakers, the position of the center speaker is also very important, because according to the regulations of the Dolby surround sound system in the United States, the vocal dialogue and sense of orientation in high-definition home theater movies are almost always placed by placing It is done by the center speaker in the middle position under the TV. Therefore, the quality and sound quality of the center speaker should not be sloppy! We are delighted to see that this TJ-K8C center speaker is built with the same excellent craftsmanship and material standards as the main channel speakers. The dimensions of the box are 550 x 182x 210 mm and the total amount is 6 kg! In a set speaker at this price, it can be regarded as a solid material. The front panel of the center speaker is 22 mm thick and the side panel is 18 mm, and both are made of high-density fiberboard with strong internal damping. . Several stiffeners are added to the box to ensure minimal resonance. Therefore, the K8C center speaker can obtain the same excellent, loud and clear midrange as the main speaker, ensuring the accurate restoration of human voices.

Center speaker specification:

Frequency Response: 75 - 20.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

Sensitivity: 85dB (2,83 V/1 m)

Rated impedance: 4Ω

Carrying power: 20-100W

TJ-K8S wall-mounted surround speakers:

Surround sound speakers also have strict technical requirements in the US Dolby 5.1/7.1 cinema system. The material selection standards and cabinet craftsmanship must be built in strict accordance with the requirements of Dolby US to have strong and high-quality surround sound. Effect. Surround sound plays a vital role in the surrounding sense of the sound field and the sense of movement and positioning of the sound and image synchronization. TJ-K8S is also designed and manufactured in strict accordance with internationally recognized standards, and strives for excellence as much as possible: the front panel of the speaker is 22 mm thick and the side panel is 18 mm, both of which are made of MDF with strong internal damping. Several stiffeners are added to the box to ensure minimal resonance. The tweeter uses the same 25mm dome silk membrane unit as the center speaker, and the midrange speaker uses the same 5-inch mid-range speaker as the main speaker. Therefore, the appearance, processing and sound quality of the box are very important. It has a good performance in coordination with the whole system. The author noticed that, in order to install it upright on the wall, there is a metal hook hole above the back panel of the speaker, which can be easily connected to the wall as long as the expansion screws are placed on the wall. If your home's audio-visual environment is not big, you can buy two Dolby 5.1-channel systems. If the room is relatively large, it is best to buy four identical surround speakers to form a 7.1-channel Dolby HD. Cinema system, if your AV amplifier is equipped with Dolby Atmos decoding function, you also need to purchase at least a pair of sky channel speakers such as Tianyi QS-6 and a Tianyi Tongdi active subwoofer SUB-1280 Subwoofer, if you need to sing karaoke, you can add a pair of wireless microphones, the whole home theater speaker system is perfect!

Surround sound speaker specification:

Frequency Response: 75 - 22.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

Sensitivity: 85 dB (2,83 V/1 m)

Rated impedance: 4Ω

Carrying power: 10-50W

Cabinet Dimensions: 182 x 306 x 210 mm (W x H x D)


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