SUB-10TD-N Tonewinner Cost Effective Active Subwoofer Nov 11 , 2022

SUB-10TD-N Tonewinner Cost Effective Active Subwoofer

Subwoofer is important to constitute a complete home theater system. This SUB-10TD-N is a 10-inch active subwoofer specially tailored for high-definition home theater systems, with 150W strong output power, which can create a stunning bass effect in the home theater system. The scenes of from explosions, lightning, thunder, volcanic eruptions to water pouring can be expressed by bass to bring shocking listening experience.

SUB-10TD-N adopts the enduring red rosewood veneer with sleek appearance. The front bass reflex vent helps to reduce the clutter in the cabinet so as to improve the amplitude effect.

In order to ensure that the wide amplitude, the designers spent a lot on the internal volume of the cabinet, and made best use of the internal space according to acoustic principles. The built-in high quality toroidal transformer provides ample power for the subwoofer, ensuring the150W dynamic output. It adopts a series of protections including overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat protections to ensure the working reliability. The inner wall of the box is laid with sound-absorbing cotton for the purity of the bass. The box is designed with a solid supporting board used to reduce standing wave, which works with the front bass reflex vent to enhance the bass effect.

This speaker also adopts a ground-reflection design to obtain better low frequency. The bass driver is 10 inch with big magnet and wide amplitude. The cone is elastic and durable to achieve long-term stable dynamics. The frame is sturdy and help reduce the vibration. All of these make this subwoofer achieve good low frequency to 30Hz.

For the back panel, it adopts large comb-shaped radiator for better heat dissipation. It supports independent volume adjustment, phase and low frequency adjustment, etc., which meet different personal tastes.

This 10TD-N active subwoofer has L/R full-frequency signal inputs, 1 way subwoofer signal input, with built-in high-pass, low-cut filter and automatic frequency crossover. The high-level input ports enable it to connect with Hi-Fi amplifiers without bass output ports. This 2 channels subwoofer is going to meet your meed for stunning bass.


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