Why do I like Tonewinner's AD-3PRO+ integrated amplifier so much? Nov 16 , 2022

Why do I love Tonewinner's AD-3PRO+ integrated amplifier so much?

As one of Tonewinner's flagship product, AD-3PRO+ was designed based on another integrated flagship model AD-2PRO. Following its advantages, AD-3PRO+ has a high power output of 165W per channel, and supports practical functions of DSD decoding, MM/MC phono input and SW balanced bass output etc.. It is a new upgrade on the basis of its predecessor AD-3PRO, it is optimized circuit design, improved output function, added USB-Audio interface, that is provides an additional high-quality choice for enthusiasts.


AD-3PRO+ inherits the original full balanced circuit of Tonewinner's highest flagship power stage AD-1PA, which adopts fully symmetrical, fully balanced, differential input to BTL (bridge) power output. It should be known that the world's famous Hi-Fi machines use the same Class A circuit, and this type of design is chased by hardcore enthusiasts around the world. This format of circuit can greatly improve the purity and delicacy of the replayed music, allow it reach the highest level of full balance. The harmonic distortion is small,  no matter it is a classical string music with surging symphony and delicate lines, or a warm and mellow human voice, It can be completely and fully displayed.

      Open the top cover of the power amplifierwe can see this 3PRO+ adopts the classic sub-chamber structure, its power supply, input, energy storage, left and right channels are layout strictly independent that are placed in five sealed spaces. The effect is very refreshing! This structural design can greatly reduce free electromagnetic waves in space and effectively reduce signal interference inside the machine.

      AD-3PRO+ adopts a 600W high-quality round transformer, 8pcs high-end customized filter capacitors with a total capacity of 80,000 microfarads, which together make a strong power supply and energy storage, that provide sufficient power for the power amplifier. Strong power output make the sounds surging like tides. With huge dynamics, it like an endless stream of rivers and seas. The low-frequency texture and unfathomable depth, lay a solid foundation for high-fidelity sound quality.

Regarding power amplifier tubes, this model adopts 24pcs Toshiba high-power tubes which is dedicated for audio use. Each pair of power tubes is carefully selected and strictly matched, all parameters are more superior than those tubes previously selected. This makes the sound quality displayed by AD-3PRO+ is particularly delicate and magnetic, the sound density is very accurate! Such a generous design of materials ensures AD-3PRO+ has a powerful output of 165W per channel at 8 ohms. This make it confident to compete with various well-known brand amplifiers. No matter what kind of music style, AD-3PRO+ can express the mellow and delicate essence incisively and vividly. It is like old store wine that has been handed down for many years but still fragrant. It is definitely one of the reasons for you to fall in love with it!

As for the input and decoding part of the power amplifier, the core USB decoding chip CT7601PR and the digital decoding chip ES9038 are jointly performed. These two top chips are known to everyone in the fever circle! It can handle DSD256, DSD128, DSD64 decoding, and its PCM sampling rate is as high as 32bit/768KHz! Such a high quantization standard is equivalent to 17 times that of a traditional CD player 16bit/44.1KHz! The higher the quantization, the finer the sampling precision, which means that the audio signal after digital-to-analog conversion by the DAC is closer to the audio sound during recording.

The hardware configuration of 3PRO+ can be described as an all-round breakthrough. Next, I will continue to introduce its practical and powerful functions to the end!

First of all, we will introduce the USB for PC function. The USB-Audio interface of this machine is Type-B port, with the top-level USB decoder chip CT7601PR, so that the 3PRO+ can support up to DSD512 digital audio format and ultra-high PCM sampling rate of 768KHz/32bit, which is definitely a good news for PC-HiFi enthusiasts. This function not only supports windows and mac OC computers, but also can be used with Android or iPhone through OTG conversion.

The digital input method also has a set of coaxial and two sets of optical fibers. CD players, digital broadcasters, computers, and mobile phones commonly used by friends can also be used with AD-3PRO+ as an audio source. This can be called a full-scene decoding combined power amplifier !

This power amplifier also adds a Phono interface for those who like to listen to vinyl records. It is compatible with both MM and MC vinyl inputs. You can select the corresponding moving magnet or moving coil cartridge by gently flipping the slider next to it. Under the careful tuning and polishing of audio engineers hundreds of times, it presents realistic and natural analog sound effects. In addition, the 3PRO+ also adds a ground terminal to ensure the most pure playback of vinyl music. This configuration is definitely a great boon for audiophiles who love nostalgic vinyl records!

For analog signal processing, in addition to the traditional RCA interface, it also comes with a set of balanced input interfaces. 3PRO+ adopts a fully balanced, fully symmetrical, differential input to differential BTL power output Class A power amplifier circuit. This kind of truly fully balanced circuit design, if you use a professional balanced input interface, can play a balanced transmission of high level and low noise. The advantage is that the background is quieter and the dynamics are better, and it is more suitable for the reproduction of weak details in the music. Therefore, I recommends everyone to use the balanced transmission of 3PRO+!

Nowadays, two-channel stereo Hi-Fi systems are becoming more and more popular with the addition of subwoofers. The surging low frequency is particularly important in the contrast of the music atmosphere, especially for large-scale symphonies and drum music with more medium and low frequencies. Adding it instantly makes the sound full and lively and musical. In this regard, 3PRO+ has a set of single-ended and a set of balanced dual bass output interfaces, which can meet the urgent needs of more low-frequency enthusiasts. Every functional design can see the full sincerity of the engineer!

Like several other flagship models of Tonewinner, 3PRO+ has the function of one-key switching of pure power. You only need to press and hold the AMP button on the remote control for 3 seconds to enter the state of pure power, which can be connected to any higher-end front-end. In order to obtain different timbre changes, feel more beautiful and ultimate sound quality.

In addition, AD-3PRO+ also has three built-in circuit modes, namely pure class A, class A and B, and automatic switching. You can switch at will by simply pressing the Mode button of the remote control in a loop. The three modes have their own characteristics. Can the changes of each circuit mode escape your golden ears? Come and try it, let's explore the mystery of sound together!

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