High-end Hi-Fi Stereo Integrated Amplifier Supplier's Hot Sale Model--AD-3PRO+ Mar 14 , 2023

High-end Hi-Fi Stereo Integrated Amplifier Supplier's Hot Sale Model--AD-3PRO+

(Part 2)

Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ has a single-ended + balanced double bass output interface. This configuration is rare in products of the same level, and it is very practical.

Nowadays, two-channel stereo Hi-Fi systems with subwoofers are becoming more and more popular. Surging low frequencies are particularly important in setting off the music atmosphere, especially for large-scale symphonies and drum music with more mid-low frequencies. The addition of subwoofers immediately Make the sound full, lively and musical. Another highlight of the upgrade compared to the previous generation is that the output power has been increased to 165W per channel at 8 ohms. It can effectively promote most of the speakers on the market, and the sound quality performance is remarkable. The whole machine uses 9 TI OPA1656 operational amplifiers to form a fully balanced and buffered amplifier, and 24 high-power Toshiba 1941/5198 transistors to amplify the output. Each pair of amplifier tubes is strictly paired to ensure that their performance matches and the tone is unified.

Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ has the same three working mode switching functions as Class A, Class A and B, and automatic as the flagship power amplifier. It can be switched according to the needs of different music types for power amplifiers audio. For example, it can be used for warm and thick vocals and folk music. Pure Class A mode can choose Class A and B for a symphony that shows great dynamics and explosive power. Even in the automatic mode, let the program choose independently, and easily enjoy the best music listening experience brought by AD-3PRO+. Continuing the AB two sets of terminal blocks of the previous model, there is an additional way to play speakers that support bi-wire crossover.

According to the past experience of the author, bi-wire crossover can often push the speakers more fully, so that the sound details, layering, and fullness are significantly improved. One-key switch to pure power amplifier mode. During the period of use, the author found that its matching degree of front and rear power amplifiers and excellent decoding function have almost reached.

It has reached the level of the ten thousand-level independent front-end. However, in the inherent concept of audiophiles, high-quality integrated power amplifiers should have a pure rear-stage output mode. If the user has an existing or later upgrade to a higher-quality pre-amplifier, there is one more way to play. As for the pure post-amp mode of Tonewinner AD-3PRO+, one-key switching can be completed through the remote control, which is extremely convenient. Luxury-grade configuration, the material used directly catches up with the flagship model. The NJW1195A high-standard volume control chip consistent with the flagship model is adopted, with an improved adjustment accuracy of up to 0.5dB, ultra-low noise of -118dB, and its signal-to-noise ratio, distortion, separation, etc. All indicators are at a high level. Exquisite large-volume volume knob, stable and smooth control, comparable to traditional analog audio knobs. With a total capacity of up to 80,000 microfarads, Tonewinner high-end customized filter capacitors, and high-quality 600W fever ring transformers provide sufficient power for large dynamic music presentation. Energy is also the cornerstone of creating high-quality amplifiers Class A power. In order to reduce the noise interference of each link in the machine, Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ adopts five closed isolation structures, and the output Input, power supply, energy storage, left and right independent amplification partition shielding.

Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ remote control is different from the previous big metal shape, it is more compact and exquisite, and feels excellent. Some commonly used functions can be adjusted with one button, such as channel selection, power amplifier mode, volume adjustment, pure power amplifier mode, etc. As a full-featured integrated power amplifier with analog input and digital audio decoding, the author also uses two sets of audio sources for testing. The space for audition is the small Hi-Fi listening room of nearly 30 square meters in the Beijing Experience Center of Home Appliances Forum. The designed polypropylene diaphragm mid-bass unit has the characteristics of fast speed and can withstand large dynamics, but the problem that comes with it is that it is difficult to drive. Only high-power and high-quality power amplifiers can make this pair of old Dynastic listeners 52 The real strength is brought into play Test 2: Playing high-format DSD music files The top-level USB decoder chip is the biggest highlight of Tonewinner AD-3PRO+. After the actual experience, I feel that connecting the computer through USB as the sound source will be more popular for users who buy this integrated power stereo amplifier in the future. A common way of listening. Since the use of USB Audio of Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ is special, it needs to rely on the driver and software settings. The manufacturer specially provided a set of detailed instructions. After a short preparation, the high-format DSD music files were successfully transferred to Tonewinner through USB AD-3PRO+ performs hard solution. During the test, Roon (PC as Roon Core) and Foobar2000 are two commonly used audio playback software, and the functions are normal and the operation is smooth. The connection cable uses a Neotech fever USB cable.

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