High-end Hi-Fi Stereo Integrated Amplifier Manufacturer's Hot Sale Model--AD-3PRO+ Mar 14 , 2023

High-end Hi-Fi Stereo Integrated Amplifier Manufacturer's Hot Sale Model--AD-3PRO+

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AD-3PRO+ is developed and built based on the previous generation product and the flagship AD-2PRO decoding integrated power amplifier. The most obvious improvement is the addition of USB Audio For PC interface with top-level decoding chips. PC-HiFi enthusiasts can enjoy the highest DSD512 through AD-3PRO+ , PCM 768KHz/32bit superb digital music.

At the same time, the internal circuit is optimized, and the output power is increased to 165W under 8 ohms per channel, giving it stronger driving force and transient control ability. Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ is expected to become one of the most competitive decoding integrated power amplifier products in this price range.

Top USB decoder chip, good news for PC-HiFi enthusiasts

Although the previous generation AD-3PRO has a built-in flagship decoder chip ES9038, its up to 129dB dynamic range and 22MHz lossless digital signal processing capability have been adopted by many high-end decoding devices, and it has a good reputation in the audiophile circle.

Unfortunately, AD-3PRO does not have a USB digital input interface, and the inherent specifications of coaxial and optical input limit the best performance of this chip.

On the newly upgraded Tonewinner AD-3PRO+, this problem has been perfectly solved.

The manufacturer has added a new USB Audio For PC interface, coupled with the top-level USB decoding chip CT7601PR, which finally allows AD-3PRO+ to support up to DSD512 digital audio format and ultra-high PCM sampling rate of 768KHz/32bit, which is definitely good news for PC-HiFi enthusiasts.

AD-3PRO+ not only supports windows and mac OC computers, but also can be used with Android or iPhone mobile phones, but the corresponding drivers need to be installed. The interface of the AD-3PRO+ body is USB Type-B, and a cable corresponding to the interface needs to be prepared in advance.

In addition, the digital input interface has 1 set of coaxial and 2 sets of optical fiber. CD players, digital broadcasts, computers, and mobile phones commonly used by enthusiasts can also be used with AD-3PRO+ as a sound source. It can be called a full-scenario decoding integrated power amplifier. Fully balanced signal input, enjoy a large dynamic music feast

Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ adopts a fully balanced, fully symmetrical, differential input to differential BTL power output Class A power amplifier circuit. This type of truly fully balanced circuit design, if you use a professional XLR balanced input interface, you can play a balanced transmission of high power. With the advantages of peace and low noise, the background is quieter in the sense of hearing, and the dynamics are better, which is more suitable for the reproduction of weak details in music. In addition to a set of XLR balanced interfaces, its analog input part also has two sets of RCA single-ended interfaces. Although, in most cases, XLR balanced access is better for hearing, but it is not generalized, and it depends on the actual system configuration. All RCA terminals of Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ are plated with 24K gold, which can effectively reduce fretting corrosion on the metal contact surface, enhance signal transmission stability, reduce signal loss, and make the sound soft and delicate, and more durable.

MM and MC vinyl cartridges are fully compatible with input In recent years, the resurgence of vinyl has become a new term in the enthusiast circle, whether it is to pursue the mellow charm of analog audio or to feel the ritual sense of vinyl playback. There are more and more audio enthusiasts playing with vinyl record players, and a considerable part of them are both analog and digital audio sources. Tonewinner AD-3PRO+ has a built-in vinyl input interface compatible with MM and MC cartridges, which has been carefully tuned by audio engineers hundreds of times. With polishing, it presents a realistic and natural analog sound effect. It is worth mentioning that the upgraded AD-3PRO+ has added a ground terminal, which can ensure the purest playback of vinyl music.

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