The best living room theatre system that can be bought within a limited budget Oct 11 , 2022

The best living room theater combination that can be bought within a limited budget


I like to watch movies at home, my pace of life is quiet, comfortable and peaceful. But after a long time, the sound effects that come with the TV can no longer satisfy my ears, especially when watching a blockbuster shootout, no matter how exciting the picture is, the sound is always dry and boring. So it's a lot less fun to watch.

I started with the YX-01P Home Theatre System Speakers 5.1.2, which was recommended from a friend. I placed an order with great anticipation and was pleasantly surprised to receive it.



The packaging of the audio is rigorous, and the three-layer foam protection is very intimate. After opening the package, I am very satisfied. The workmanship of each unit is exquisite, especially the surface coating process is worthy of praise, and the touch is very comfortable. It is worthy of being a decades-old brand. There is no need to say much about the quality and workmanship of the product. The base and the pole are tightly connected without any looseness. The connectors are fixed with tape to prevent retraction. The accessories and wires are clearly marked, indicating that the manufacturer has fully considered every detail of the user's installation. I installed this set in less than an hour, and it wasn't as troublesome as I thought.



YX-01P tv speakers for home theatre has a simple and elegant appearance and rich interfaces. In addition to coaxial, optical, HDMI and other signal inputs, there are also a pair of ARC audio return interfaces, which can be connected to a TV or set-top box with just one HDMI cable. In addition, Youxiang 1 also supports Bluetooth input, USB-Audio input, U disk and TF card for local playback.



When operating, you can use the remote control, you can operate the buttons on the panel, or you can operate the mobile APP. A variety of operation modes are available, which is convenient and user-friendly. Open it every day when I get home from get off work, and listen to the sound of nature, I am often intoxicated by it.


Music playback feeling


I have listened to a lot of classic vocal and instrumental music tracks, which are consistent with the sound evaluation of this product on the Internet. The sound quality output at this price is completely beyond expectations, which is refreshing.

ToneWinner has adjusted and optimized the sound of the whole set of equipment, which is a major advantage of the original combination. YX-01P music surround speakers system supports four listening modes: movie, news, music, and pure tone; but everyone has a different sense of hearing. After starting, you need to spend a little time to measure and listen with your ears. After all, what suits you is the best.




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