AD-7300PA pre- and post-level set: a model of private filming, the first choice for high-end cinema customization Oct 07 , 2022

AD-7300PA pre- and post-level set

AD-7300HD Private movie model: the first choice for high-end cinema customization

From the appearance point of view, the design of the AD-7300HD decoding pre-stage is exactly the same as that of the previous generation products: the panel with elegant black as the main color, the slender "body", the fine lake blue dot matrix screen and the symmetrical design. It looks simple and atmospheric, and it is delicate and delicate when you look closely. At the bottom of the screen are buttons with good feedback, and most of the setting operations of the product can be completed by these button knobs alone.

In terms of configuration, AD-7300HD supports Dolby Atoms and DTS:X dual decoding; supports 4K high-definition video pixels, is compatible with 3D, HDR10, Dolby Vision and other video formats, releasing unlimited potential for picture quality.

In terms of interfaces, a whole row of balanced interfaces is the design focus of the AD-7300HD. The fully balanced signal output can effectively eliminate the interference of impurities during the amplification process, bringing better transmission quality and better audio performance. AD-7300HD is equipped with 13 XLR balanced interfaces and supports 7.2.4 decoding output. Such a high-cost configuration is often only available on high-end flagship models.

In addition, HDMI 6 in 2 out with ARC function and a set of optical, coaxial and analog inputs make AD-7300HD cover almost all audio sources on the market. At the same time, it has U disk and TF card for local playback, supports a variety of lossless audio formats, and supports a variety of content sources. Various multi-function control interfaces also allow the machine to play the greatest role in various theater customizations. Operation through the mobile APP makes the use process more simple and easy to understand.

AD-7300PA+ A high-power pure power amplifier that never ends

AD-7300PA+ adopts HI-FI high-fidelity design and structure technology. The left and right sides are exposed to giant comb-shaped aluminum alloys for heat dissipation. The upper cover is also a cast aluminum finishing integrated louver heat dissipation structure, and the panel is black The aluminum alloy and the elegant and restrained acrylic plate are inlaid and lined with eye-catching lake blue mechanical pointer type voltmeter. When the power amplifier is working, it is elegant and solemn.

Sufficient power and stable performance are the basic prerequisites for purchasing a multi-channel power amplifier. Open the cover, the AD-7300PA+ has a rigorous layout, and the components of each group are arranged in an orderly manner. It adopts an independent seven-channel power amplifier unit circuit structure, and the HiFi circuit used in each channel is almost the same. Seven huge heavyweight cast aluminum comb-shaped radiators ensure the technical basis for 7-channel power output.

AD-7300PA+ is composed of 3 pairs of famous ON Semiconductor NJW0302G/NJW0281G audio dedicated high-power tubes with a three-stage Darlington circuit to form a push-pull output, providing a powerful power of 310WRms (8Ω, THD=3%, 1KHz) per channel . The whole machine has a total of 7 channels, and the 42 high-power tubes can be described as a very powerful lineup!

AD-7300PA+ supports unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR access, suitable for multi-channel pure pre-stage and multi-channel combined machine RCA pre-stage output access, the switch in the middle of each channel input interface is to switch the input mode device.

The best effect of ten thousand yuan machine

The combination of AD-7300HD high-definition decoding pre-stage and AD-7300PA+ high-power post-stage, from parameter performance to function setting, is enough to show that it is the leading work of high-end home theater at present. In this set of excellent cinematic effects, I deeply felt the ubiquitous sound pressure and vast sound field expansion brought by Dolby Atmos technology.

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