Tonewinner 2023 new projects forecast Mar 08 , 2023

Tonewinner 2023 new projects forecast

Time flies, it's been the mid of Feb of 2023, thank you for all the hard works & support to TW, hope in this new year, we could work more closely & achieve a prosperous 2023. 

Please see the new projects forecast of 2023 of TW as below:

  • 1. AD-2500PRO: It's a optimized version for AD-2500, basically optimized the circuits, & added bridge function to it. It's under production, & 1st MP should be ready in end of March. We will do CE/FCC tests for it.
  • 2. AD-1PA+: It's updated version for AD-1AP. We will do optimized the circuits for it & apply CE/FCC tests for it, ready time: April.
  • 3. AD-89D: It's a CD player plus player & power amplifier(130W, 8ohm, 1 channel driven). 1st MP will be ready in March.
  • 4. New line subwoofers: new line class D subwoofer with switch power supply ready, basically we will make 3 models: 

SW-D2000: continual working output power 400W, peak output power: 2000W.

SW-D4000: continual working output power 800W, peak output power: 4000W.

SW-D8000: continual working output power 1600W, peak output power: 8000W.

We will also make DSP preamp stage for the subwoofers as well. Read time: April.

  • 5. TY-i2: New streaming player, ready time: July.
  • 6. AD-66DPRO: Updated version to AD-66D, added standby function, & will apply CE/FCC tests for it.ready time: June.
  • 7. YX-02: It will be a replacement to YX-01 dolby atmos home theatre system, ready time: July, the differences are:

a) The decode & amplifier part will be integrated in the center speaker.

b) Have simplified the installation of the floorstand to the speakers.

c) Added eARC function.

d) Support room correction.

e) Support Karaoke function.

  • 8.  AT-400: 8K processor, ready time Q4.

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