Which amplifier is best for home use? (Part 1) Aug 09 , 2022

What factors should be considered when buying a home theater AV amplifier?

(Packaging and Accessories)


In the home theater system, the most important function of the power amplifier is to decode, correct, polish and amplify the sound, which requires matching with the power impedance of the speaker, sufficient power reserve and the number of channels, and functions to meet the needs (such as automatic room Correction, multi-zone music, or with karaoke effects?), high-performance decoding, price, and even appearance should also be considered.

Today, we are going to introduce our AT-2300 karaoke AV receiver.

First is the product selling point is printed on the box of the AT-2300. It supports 4K, Dolby Vision HDR10, 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos (pre-output), DTS-X, etc., which is currently the mainstream configuration.

It can be seen from the microphone and the adapter, it is shiny and gold, the material is very sufficient, and it is heavy to hold.

After removing the box, you can take out the accessories package, a power cord, a remote control with batteries, a lotus head red and white signal cable, a short HDMI cable, and a special small bag.

It turned out that there were a pair of rack-specific hanging pieces in the bag, which were used to fix the power amplifier on the rack. Generally, professional power amplifiers are more common, and there are not many home machines equipped with this. Considering that this power amplifier may be used in a commercial film environment, it is easy to understand.

Look at the remote again. The remote control matched with Tonewinner atmos sound amplifier is fine, with brushed metal design, clear regional distribution, rich functions, and neat buttons.

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