ToneWinner bookshelf 2.1 system Hi-Fi multimedia audio speakers TY-D01E Oct 24 , 2022

ToneWinner bookshelf 2.1 system Hi-Fi multimedia audio speakers TY-D01E


With the popularization of computer and network technology, multimedia audio, as the necessary audio hardware for computers, has been well known and loved by the majority of music audio enthusiasts. ToneWinner company launched this high-fidelity electronic crossover multimedia audio - ToneWinner TY-D01E Hi-Fi multimedia audio speakers, it has been well received by many buyers!

ToneWinner's flagship electronic crossover multimedia speaker bookshelf TY-D01E, based on the first generation of electronic crossover speaker multimedia TY-D01, integrates, optimizes and redesigns the internal circuit of the audio, and especially strengthens the use of the sound. The convenience and user-friendly operation design, etc., improve the USB sound card free installation driver, can widely support Windows Xp, Win7, Win8 system and Apple computer system. And a 25-key infrared remote control is added, which makes the use and operation very user-friendly, convenient, simple and fast. In addition, the addition of a Bluetooth receiving adapter enables mobile phones, tablets and other devices with Bluetooth devices to connect to this Hi-Fi 2.1 woofer speaker. To make the product more functional and practical, let's take a look at the following evaluation for more detailed information!

This multimedia audio is endowed with the intelligent adjustment function of man-machine dialogue by the designer. It can be connected to the TY-D01E audio management system software with a USB data cable and a computer, and finely adjust various parameters of the audio in the background. If you want to achieve such advanced gameplay, you must first download an audio debugging software called Multimedia (V1.0.1) from the "Technology and Support" section of the official website of ToneWinner, which is the nervous system and life control center of TY-D01. The method of installing the software is described in detail in the manual and CD, so I won't repeat it here. After the installation is complete, there will be a shortcut key Multimedia (V1.0.1) for the microphone logo on the computer desktop. When the multimedia audio is connected to the computer and powered on, just double-click the icon to open the TY-D01E software called "Multimedia Audio Effects Information Management Expert".

Enter into the "multimedia sound effect information management expert background" of TY-D01E, you will see a very powerful interface with sound tuning function: this interface includes: select various input audio sources. Provides audio effect mode management, system settings, USB sound card settings; speaker preset equalization, 31-segment graphic equalization, dynamic compression, preset equalization of the bass part, and parameter adjustment of modules such as 5-segment graphic or parametric equalization. Treble output, bass output, subwoofer output crossover point and other parameter settings; adjust the output gain of the subwoofer, adjust the fine-tuning of the left and right channels to achieve a balanced state, and adjust the output gain to 0-80dB; you can also choose the subwoofer After adjusting the preset equalization and crossover point, the corresponding adjustment parameter curve is displayed, etc., the function is very powerful.

For audio players who have a certain sound tuning foundation and hands-on ability, the machine also reserves 10 user modes. The user enters the 31-segment graphic equalizer through the menu, and pulls the frequency equalization fader curve through the mouse. DIY out your favorite frequency response curve effect sound, and you can store it in the database of ten user sound modes through the storage key for you to call at any time.

For ordinary consumers, you do not need to connect a computer to enter the TY-D01E's tuning software for complex tuning settings and operations. You only need to directly call the 8 kinds of DSP sound field processing listening on the remote control, such as "high fidelity, listening room, equal loudness, classical music, pop music, jazz music, metal music, rock music, etc., which have been associated and cured on the remote control at the factory. Mode, you can also manually select and load three sound effects: high-fidelity mode, listening room mode and equal loudness mode directly on the back of the subwoofer. And you can also directly control the volume of the subwoofer and the total sound volume on the remote control. To increase and decrease the adjustment, it is not necessary to enter the TY-D01E sound effect management software on the computer to adjust in the background, which is also one of the most important improvements of ToneWinner's second-generation electronic frequency division multimedia.


For friends who have a little understanding of the design, craftsmanship and materials of high-fidelity audio power amplifier circuits, when opening the shell of TY-D01E, they will recognize that this is indeed a fever masterpiece that pays attention to quality, quality and sound quality: nine independent installations The densely packed circuit boards are loaded with different types of high-quality independent electronic components, a high-quality giant toroidal transformer with a capacity of up to 250W and an energy storage electrolytic capacitor of up to 45,000 microfarads to form a powerful source of power. Cast aluminum heat sink and ten audio-specific high-power transistors:


Among them: the 5-channel high-fidelity power amplifier circuit works independently, and directly amplifies the five high-fidelity speakers independently. All circuits use "complementary symmetrical diamond differential amplifier circuit" and high-quality independent electronic components. The sound effect is by no means those cheap ones. LM3886, LM4766 and other integrated fool power amplifier modules can be compared. This is the basis of beautiful sound. The subwoofer channel uses a pair of 150W/15A output capacity, the famous Toshiba high-power fever tube 2SC5198/2SA1941 as the amplifying output, which makes the 8-inch subwoofer extremely shocking, and the low frequency is like thunder. ! The tweeter and mid-range speakers have a total of 4 independent channels, each channel has a pair of high-quality audio power tubes. This B688/D718 power pair tube with a full power of 100W/10A has a total of 8, and they serve as two. The power output of the midrange and tweeter speakers (4 speakers in total) of the satellite box is amplified. The whole machine uses a total of ten enthusiast-grade high-power transistors!

The core technology of TY-D01E is this electronic frequency division DSP sound field processing and 96db/20bit digital/analog decoding conversion circuit board, which is also one of the guarantees for the good sound of TY-D01E.

Summary: ToneWinner TY-D01E has an excellent ability in sound reproduction. In addition to the noble wooden design, it can be described as a product with both internal and external repairs. This high-end speaker is specially designed for multimedia lovers. Friends who like it can pay more attention to it!

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