Tonewinner development history from 1992 to 2022 Sep 01 , 2022

1. Founding - the light of firefly, the space of dream-chasing sound

In 1985, Li Zhi graduated from the famous Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology, majoring in electronic physics and devices, and was admitted to the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for further studies. After graduating with a master's degree, he was assigned to the Aerospace Department in Hongzhaobi, Chengdu.

With the dream of starting a business, he is not reconciled to the ordinary life, so he resolutely gave up his original high-paying job and plunged into the field of civil electronics with several like-minded young people, from TV remote controls, repeaters to infrared headphones, electronic scales, etc. A series of electronic products, they have tried different categories, and they have achieved great results.

As the soul of the team, Li Zhi has extraordinary wisdom and extraordinary insight. At that time, the karaoke trend that originated in Japan was spreading to Taiwan, and he believed that this trend would surely rise in the mainland. After several young people discussed, they turned their entrepreneurial goals to the audio market.



2. Growth - chasing the stars and the moon, watering the flowers of dreams

The world belonging to Tianyi originated from a pool table.

At that time, young people who did not have enough capital to start a business rented a small warehouse as an office for several people. There is an old billiard table in the small space, which was used as a desk during research and development, and became a temporary dining table when dining, and often became a temporary bed after working overtime until late at night. But even so, they were still happy.

The road to entrepreneurship is full of thorns. Once, a rainstorm mercilessly flooded this small warehouse, and all the veneers that were welded and debugged for sale were scrapped. Roll up their sleeves and move on, the determination to increase R&D and innovation makes them stronger.

This small team headed by Li Zhi, with its own theoretical knowledge and experience in electronic device manufacturing accumulated over the years, constantly innovates and tests and improves. The successful launch of a well-received mill plate, the team not only gained not only the first pot of gold, but also the unanimous recognition of the effect and quality of consumers, which made them firm up their determination to continue. 



Before the establishment of the company, it mainly produced mill plates

With the rapid increase in sales, several young people have primitive accumulation. In August 1992, the predecessor of Tianyi, Chengdu Yadi Electromechanical Research Institute, was formally established.

3. Development - Pursue with victory, walk in the forefront of the industry

At that time, the price of Japanese products using similar technology was 1,000~2,000 yuan, and the team successfully controlled the cost to only 100~200 yuan, and could produce better results.

Li Zhi deeply realized that: as the horn of reform and opening up blows to the whole country, what will be liberalized is not only productivity and economy, but also the long-suppressed spiritual world of the Chinese people. Family karaoke will inevitably show an explosive trend, and it will quickly enter thousands of homes. million households. Since then, the "Tianyi" brand came into being.



Products of Chengdu Yadi Electromechanical Research Institute

With a good product, there must be a good market, not only to make the product well, but also to expand the business. With the strength, not afraid of challenges, and the courage to disclose their technical secrets to peers and consumers. Li Zhi made a bold move - self-destructed technology on the "Electronic News", explained and made public the core technology of the product in detail. At one time, it attracted numerous manufacturers to imitate it. Most of the competing products on the market used Tianyi's effect as a reference and standard. While achieving others, it also achieved Tianyi's later generation of magic machine AD-780.



It is no exaggeration to say that Tianyi is the earliest leading enterprise specializing in digital karaoke audio products in my country.

With the growing scale of the research institute and the further standardization and standardization of products, in 1995, several partners invested in the construction of their first factory, Chengdu Yadi Industrial Co., Ltd., which was formally established.



The expansion of the company's scale also promotes more diversification of operations. In the same year, Tianyi began to set foot in the field of Hi-Fi fever.

With his love for music and his uncompromising attitude towards audio technology, Mr. Li, as the helm and chief designer of the company, put forward "being real people and products" as the business policy of the company, aiming to make everyone affordable. Sound, every home can hear good sound.

Under the strict product quality standards, Tianyi has created one product after another with high quality and low price, which has become a strong fan in the Hi-Fi fever circle, and won the "Consumer's Favorite Brand" award in one fell swoop. Since then, Tianyi Audio has opened a brand legend of high-fidelity fever audio.



Tianyi Audio participated in the industry exhibition

In 1997, Tianyi, which had been dormant for two years, began to fully enter the home theater market. Faced with the serious homogenization of the market competition, Tianyi took a different approach, relying on its own advantages in karaoke technology, and took the lead in launching the "Shadow-K Integration" product in 1998, which won the recognition of consumers.



On the road of chasing new technologies for cinema products, Tianyi does not dare to relax at all, invests heavily in research and development every year, and maintains cooperation with top foreign audio and video laboratories, so that product functions and performance are always at the leading level in the industry.



Tianyi audio products over the years

In 1999, with the market's love and recognition of Tianyi products, the Chengdu factory with more than 300 workers could no longer satisfy the growing market demand. After careful consideration, several partners decided to build a new factory in Guangzhou, the largest audio equipment distribution center in China, and operate the two places simultaneously to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

As a result, Guangzhou Tianyi Electronics Co., Ltd. was completed.

4. Storms - the stars move and the bucket turns, and actively turn to export

Unexpectedly, after 1999, people's leisure style has undergone tremendous changes. Audio is no longer the first choice for entertainment at that time. The domestic audio market gradually shows signs of recession, and the lingering cloud looms over the industry. In the sky, a large number of audio companies choose to shut down or transform under pressure.



Tianyi Audio Product Series Demonstration

Under this drastic change, Tianyi had to reluctantly reduce the scale of the Chengdu factory and concentrate the main productivity in the Guangzhou factory.

At this critical point, Mr. Li resisted the pressure and led the company to actively explore foreign markets. First, the OEM/ODM foundry business was the stepping stone. With strong technical strength, rich and stable product lines and preferential price policies , Tianyi quickly won the recognition of several international brands, and in 2000 won the "China Export Enterprise Achievement Award".



As a result, the OEM/ODM business has developed better and better, allowing Tianyi to survive the crisis smoothly. Today, it has developed into one of Tianyi's main business operations.

5. Growth - Tianyi Xingmang, illuminating the audio world

In 2008, under the circumstance that the world was hit hard by the economic crisis, Mr. Li firmly believed in the principle of "opportunities in crisis, only innovators win", and personally formulated the development policy of "high quality, high taste and high technology" for the company, and continued to increase Large R&D investment, independent R&D and core technology are the top priorities.

Under the guidance of this policy, Tianyi keeps up with the latest audio and video standards in the industry, and has become the first country in China to obtain the US DOLBY-ATMOS (panoramic sound), DTS:X (immersive sound effect), and HDMI2.1 technical certification and authorization at the same time. high-tech enterprises.



In 2019, Tianyi Audio expanded its scale again and moved to Guangzhou Metro Line 2. It has two independent factories and a production base of nearly 20,000 square meters.


It has also successively introduced the world's top production equipment, large-scale SMT dust-free purification workshops, etc., making Tianyi ahead of its peers in technology, process and performance. Realize "stable, accurate and fast" production, comprehensively upgrade the process and process, and realize automatic, intelligent and information-based manufacturing.



For several years, Tianyi is not satisfied with the OEM business. President Li is determined to let the Chinese audio brand "Tonewinner" go abroad and go global.



Since 2020, it has officially deployed globally and focused on the future. In just two years, it has continuously developed and signed dozens of regional and national-level agents for the Tianyi brand. The sales of its own brand products have truly spread all over the world, allowing more Music lovers have experienced the charm of this audio brand from China, and it has been highly recognized and praised by countless overseas counterparts and consumers.



The correct development policy, strong technical accumulation and keen tentacles that keep pace with the times have enabled Tianyi to flourish in the thirties and further grow in the global epidemic and economic crisis.

6. Expectation - time is like a song, conveying the sound of nature


Along the journey, time is like a song, Tianyi has walked through the years, and also left traces of the years. From an unknown audio workshop, it has grown into an industry pacesetter resounding at home and abroad. The condensation of many wonderful moments in the past 30 years has created a unique Tianyi.



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