Tonewinner New cheap Low Price Dolby Atmos multi function AVR AT-1200 Mar 22 , 2023

Tonewinner New Low Price Dolby Atmos multi function AVR AT-1200

Reasons for my recommendation:

First of all, AT-1200 is relatively cost-effective. Looking at the mainstream Dolby Atmos amplifiers in the current audio market, imported products cost at least 1,500 US dollars. Even for similar domestic products, the price is mostly around 800 US dollars. The official price of this AT-1200 is only 588 US dollars.

The second is that the AV receiver is powerful: it has Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 decoding capability, supports 4K video technology and other video formats; it also has U disk and TF card file playback, and supports multiple lossless and high-compression audio formats. Support mobile phone APP control, Bluetooth lossless transmission; and have multi-channel karaoke effect and HDMI ARC audio return.

The third is that the power reserve and power output of the AT-1200 AV receiver are relatively abundant. Although it only has a five-channel power output of 5X100W (6Ω), the machine has a complete 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos decoding output. Adding a dual channels 1000W professional amp outside the center can be upgraded to a Dolby Atmos theater system that meets the audio-visual environment of about 15-45 square meters.

Although the layout on the back of the machine is relatively simple, the HDMI data transmission port on the left side of the back panel is 4 in and 1 out from left to right, and the input port can meet a variety of input sources. The output can be directly connected to 4K HDTV or HD projection TV. There are 4 ports in the LINE OUT icon under the back panel: the contents are two subwoofer signal output terminals from Dolby Atmos decoding output and two audio signal ports of left/right sky channel, we only need Outputting the audio signal of the left/right sky channel to an external AV receiver input terminal (such as AD-66PRO) can solve the sound of the speaker of the left/right sky channel (TL/TR) of the panoramic sound.

Take the subwoofer signal from the SW1 or SW2 interface and directly connect one or two active subwoofers of about 300W (the room is not recommended to connect a 300W subwoofer is enough)

(If the audio-visual environment at home is relatively large, increase the active subwoofer to two, that is, 5.2. Paired with a 300W subwoofer model SUB-1280, it already has a majestic and shocking effect.

Considering the needs of audiophiles listening to HI-FI music, the machine also has 4 sets of high-fidelity analog audio L/R inputs, which can be connected to CD players, digital broadcasters, music boxes, karaoke effectors and Two microphone input jacks, etc., form an independent music AV receiver system. At the same time, one digital coaxial and one optical fiber signal input are also designed to meet the needs of HI-FI music lovers for high-quality music source input.

There is also a Bluetooth receiving antenna and a MICRO TF CARD U disk socket on the back of the AV receiver. There is also an eye-catching USB interface at the bottom right of the machine panel, indicating that the machine has U disk TF card and PC local music playback capabilities and Bluetooth lossless music wireless. Receive playback capability.

Finally, a very convenient and easy-to-use music control center is composed of APP software specially designed by Tonewinner and a mobile phone player. This is a very convenient and practical APP. The setting of various parameters, such as audio source selection, audio mode selection, various parameter adjustments, EQ settings, speaker parameter settings, etc.

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